Album Review: Stella Emmett – Admirer

New York indie-pop artist Stella Emmett debuted a spacey, chillwave pop sound with the release of Admirer, her debut album, on Friday, August 23. Admirer is a shimmering summer record, and though it is easygoing and melodic, its 10 tracks are also intentional and captivating, built into dynamic layers of sound that shine and glisten. Stella Emmett – … More Album Review: Stella Emmett – Admirer

Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

The 11 disco-meets-electropop tracks on multimedia artist ionnalee‘s newest album, REMEMBER THE FUTURE, pulse as if each is its own living being. Out Friday, May 31 on To whom it may concern., the record is the Swedish musician’s second under this moniker and features seemingly endless electronic music. REMEMBER THE FUTURE is a lush disco album, … More Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

EP Review: Misty Mtn – Missed Your Call EP

Brooklyn couple Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall, who make music as Misty Mtn, released their debut “dark mountain pop” EP, titled Missed Your Call, on Thursday, May 9. It’s a strong start to the band’s discography, full of catchy melodies and languid synth, and its five tracks are deep, luscious and mesmerizing. The EP opens with what … More EP Review: Misty Mtn – Missed Your Call EP

Album Review: Angel Metro – Dark Days Bright Lights

Angel Metro‘s first record as a solo artist, Dark Days Bright Lights, is a dark pop study in heartbreak and hope. It was born out of her struggle between “trying to outrun [her] darkest days and finding inspiration in them,” and, in true witch rock fashion (think Damn The Witch Siren), it is everything to the … More Album Review: Angel Metro – Dark Days Bright Lights

EP Review: EXNATIONS – Tiny Sound In The Dark

Perhaps the most remarkable part of EXNATIONS‘ Tiny Sound In The Dark EP, due for release tomorrow, is not its classic synth or its poppy melodies; it is the EP’s impressive cohesion, despite the fact that all three band members were rarely in the same place at the same time. According to the band’s bio, frontman … More EP Review: EXNATIONS – Tiny Sound In The Dark

EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

There’s something about Brooklyn-based Bedrooms’ latest EP, Tangerine, that is reminiscent of springtime. The five indie pop tracks are nothing if not shimmery, and there’s an effortless accessibility to the muted golden tones that accompany lyrics centered around love and heartbreak. “Change Your Mind” serves as a gentle intro to the rest of the album, showcasing … More EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

Album Review: Werewolf Diskdrive – Werewolf Diskdrive

As the story goes, the Werewolf Diskdrive, a hard drive, was found in an electronics shop of the same name and is a sentient being who simply wants to create rap music – but you can read the full four chapters on its Medium page. The person behind it all? Eric Elbogen, formerly of Say Hi … More Album Review: Werewolf Diskdrive – Werewolf Diskdrive