Single: Eighty Ninety – Got Your Message

Brooklyn brothers Eighty Ninety released yet another stunning track, this one titled “Got Your Message,” on Friday, August 16. “Got Your Message” is the second single from the indie-pop duo’s forthcoming sophomore EP, which comes shortly after the two signed a deal with Hard 8 Working Group. It’s a beautiful track marked by heartache and … More Single: Eighty Ninety – Got Your Message

Single: Margot Polo – Let’s Get Out

California alt-pop outfit Margot Polo’s latest track maintains the musician’s synth-pop roots while incorporating organic rock threads and darker lyrics; “Let’s Get Out” is out August 9 and is Margot Polo’s first release of 2019. Its magnetic hooks and strong melodies make the song a near-perfect summer anthem, and musician David Provenzano blends in just … More Single: Margot Polo – Let’s Get Out

Single: Kohla – T O U C H

“T O U C H,” electropop musician Kohla‘s latest single, out August 2 on Last Night From Glasgow, is a sultry take on chill pop, complete with smoky vocals; rhythmic, marching percussion; and dreamy, synth-filled background melodies. The track is near-hypnotic, featuring vaguely industrial percussion and waves of synth below alternative-electronic musician Rachel Alice Johnson’s … More Single: Kohla – T O U C H

Single: Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

UK indie rockers Dutch Criminal Record blended summery and ’60s vibes on their latest single, “Fade Away,” out July 19, and while the thrilling, energetic track explores lyrical themes of loneliness and solitude, its music feels like a bright, surf-rock throwback. “Fade Away” opens with a frenetic, bright guitar riff, and though the track is buzzing … More Single: Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

Single: wojtek the bear – a long wait for bad news

Glasgow alternative quintet wojtek the bear captured both the music and the mood of the moment with its new single, “a long wait for bad news,” released July 19 on all music platforms via Scottish Fiction. While upbeat, poppy and effortlessly catchy, “a long wait for bad news” also conveys the anxieties about technology and social media … More Single: wojtek the bear – a long wait for bad news

Single: Bandaid Brigade – Travel Light

Genre-defying duo Bandaid Brigade, which comprises veteran musicians Zach Quinn and Brian Wahlstrom, released its debut single, “Travel Light,” on June 27, and the two artists’ combined experience is evident in the track’s impressive cohesion, production and groove. “Travel Light” is a rocking, genreless track, though its groovy melodies and crisp drum beats are heavily … More Single: Bandaid Brigade – Travel Light

Single: Mansell – Floyd

Mansell, an Atlanta collective that self-produces music, visual artwork and clothing, tackles the intensity of internal dissociation on their new indie R&B single, “Floyd,” out June 28. The trio, which comprises Holden Fincher, Grayson Arias and Trent Bilodeau, is in the midst of releasing several tracks for 2019, and though this is only the second … More Single: Mansell – Floyd

Single: the black watch – Mad

It’s difficult to categorize the black watch by genre, but the band’s latest single, “Mad,” out on Atom Records, is somewhere between post-punk, psychedelic and alternative rock. Elements characteristic of each of these genres work together with surprising cohesion to create an intricately-woven grungy love song. “Mad” opens with moderately grungy guitar chords and a bright melody … More Single: the black watch – Mad