Album Review: Miss June – Bad Luck Party

New Zealand quartet Miss June rips their way through the eleven alternative rock tracks that compose their debut record, Bad Luck Party, out Friday, September 6 on Frenchkiss Records. It’s a red-hot album with ragged guitar riffs, unapologetically bold vocals, and startling frenetic energy, and its irresistible punk music is downright electrifying. Miss June is no … More Album Review: Miss June – Bad Luck Party

Album Review: KinZie – Dead Eyes

Birmingham, Alabama, rockers KinZie may defy categorization with their debut album, Dead Eyes, but its typical punk catharsis is undeniable. Out July 19, Dead Eyes veers between genre labels with the same frenetic energy as its music, bouncing from garage rock to post-punk and back again as lead singer Philip Ori sings about loss and desolation. There is no … More Album Review: KinZie – Dead Eyes

Single: the black watch – Mad

It’s difficult to categorize the black watch by genre, but the band’s latest single, “Mad,” out on Atom Records, is somewhere between post-punk, psychedelic and alternative rock. Elements characteristic of each of these genres work together with surprising cohesion to create an intricately-woven grungy love song. “Mad” opens with moderately grungy guitar chords and a bright melody … More Single: the black watch – Mad

EP Review: The Spouts – This Part of Town

Columbus post-punk rockers The Spouts are slated to release their debut EP, titled This Part of Town, on Friday, March 15. The four-piece has spent the first few years of its existence playing house and bar shows throughout Ohio, testing the waters of the music scene, and finally decided to record and release a six-track EP. … More EP Review: The Spouts – This Part of Town

EP Review: Strange Ranger – How It All Went By

Though the band’s lineup and sound are in a constant state of fluctuation, Strange Ranger has landed for a brief moment on its How It All Went By EP, an interlude between 2017’s Daymoon and the band’s third album, which has already been recorded and is set for a 2019 release. Read More: Album Review: Eldren – Miss … More EP Review: Strange Ranger – How It All Went By

EP Review: The Bascinets – 378 Vol. 1

Just before a lineup change as drummer Trevor Joellenbeck joined The Bascinets, the Columbus indie-rock four-piece recorded a new jangle-pop EP, titled 378 Vol. 1. Dropped in July, the five-track record fits perfectly with both its summer release and these rainy almost-fall days; the bright guitar melodies are just sunny enough to blow away the fog. Read more: … More EP Review: The Bascinets – 378 Vol. 1

Album Review: Vundabar – Smell Smoke

Vundabar’s Smell Smoke, out February 23, is addictingly dark post-punk. With sticky melodies that needle their way into your brain and nearly-chaotic guitar riffs, there’s a grunginess and a melancholy energy on each cathartic track that leaves you wanting more. Vundabar tears its way through ten riveting rock songs on Smell Smoke, beginning with “Acetone”. Bright chords and … More Album Review: Vundabar – Smell Smoke

Album Review: Ought – Room Inside The World

By Jacob Jeffers Ever since its debut in 2014, Ought has been a difficult band to label. The band’s first full-length release, More Than Any Other Day, was a powerful opening statement, mixing catchy indie rock songwriting with art-punk ambition and an unforgettable vocalist. Scarcely a year later, the follow-up, Sun Coming Down, cranked up … More Album Review: Ought – Room Inside The World