Interview: Old Sol

A neat blend of “happy emo rock” and 2000s power-pop, Old Sol‘s Life’s Scary, Man EP is packed with witty, biting lyrics, upbeat riffs, and poppy melodies. The cheerful pop-punk sound produced by this Illinois four-piece is almost addicting–keep an eye out for a review in the near future–despite only having six tracks. While listening to … More Interview: Old Sol

Album Review: Monster Treasure – II

Contrary to the bright, flowery album cover, Monster Treasure‘s latest album, “II”, is about as punked-out as they come. The grungy, shoegazey punk is mesmerizing and full of fuzz-soaked riffs, and as the band’s bio says, if you can picture Blondie covering Nirvana in the early ’80s, “you might be halfway there.” The album is nothing … More Album Review: Monster Treasure – II

EP Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming

In what’s meant to be the missing link between “Stomachaches” and “Parachutes”, Frank Iero and the Patience is back with another fiery, punked-up EP: “Keep The Coffins Coming”, which comes out Friday, September 22. “Keep The Coffins Coming” is the exact midpoint between the two albums: not quite as ragged as “Parachutes,” but less polished than … More EP Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming