Interview: Bitch

Los Angeles singer and producer Bitch‘s latest single, “New Year”, is a feminist pop anthem that’s sure to have you on your feet and moving. It’s full of joy and power, and the track marks the beginning of a new chapter for Bitch. Luckily, Indientry got to ask her a few questions about her past … More Interview: Bitch

Album Review: Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies – Room To Grow

Roughly three and a half years after their previous release, Toronto folk-pop band Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies released Room To Grow on October 4, 2018. It’s an eight-track, 28-minute folk-pop album, and although the first song is a light introduction to the rest of the record, the six-piece band quickly shows the depth of their … More Album Review: Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies – Room To Grow

EP Review: The Bascinets – 378 Vol. 1

Just before a lineup change as drummer Trevor Joellenbeck joined The Bascinets, the Columbus indie-rock four-piece recorded a new jangle-pop EP, titled 378 Vol. 1. Dropped in July, the five-track record fits perfectly with both its summer release and these rainy almost-fall days; the bright guitar melodies are just sunny enough to blow away the fog. Read more: … More EP Review: The Bascinets – 378 Vol. 1

Album Review: Cousin Simple – And We Would Never End

Cousin Simple is “Columbus’s youngest alt-rock band.” After winning the 2017 Instaband competition, sponsored by GrooveU, the band already has one full-length album and two singles under its belt. It is no wonder that the band is already gaining traction in the Columbus music scene. The band’s debut album came out in 2017. Titled And We … More Album Review: Cousin Simple – And We Would Never End

EP Review: RADATTACK – Montana Psychedelic Versus

Classifying themselves as “rock and roll muscle pop,” the boys in RADATTACK may be (for the most part) in high school, but they’ve already begun to make a name for themselves. The boys aren’t exactly inexperienced; almost all four of them have been participants in other Clintonville musical endeavors, including surf-punk band The Comos and Seth Peacock’s project Rat … More EP Review: RADATTACK – Montana Psychedelic Versus

EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

London alternative-indie band LAPYEAR made its debut with its first ever EP, titled Comfort Underwater, on March 9. The four tracks sound vaguely like a blend of Neck Deep and Turnover and alternate between dreamy rock and leaning towards garage-y guitars. Despite alternating between soft, underwater-sounding guitar riffs and garagey vibes on each of the four tracks, … More EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

2017’s Top Fifteen

Happy new year! I know I’m not the only one thankful for a clean slate. 2017 was full of political, personal, and musical intensity; every week, there seemed to be something new and sensational. In my own life, I hit some of the lowest points I’ve ever hit as well as some of the highest, … More 2017’s Top Fifteen

Live Music Review: MisterWives + Bleachers (+ photos!)

Click here for more photos! “Columbus, when you dream about playing a show, this is what you dream about,” proclaimed Jack Antonoff of Bleachers on Friday, June 16. The show in question had a jam-packed alt-pop lineup: between Bleachers’ headlining spot and MisterWives as an opener, the Express Live venue was buzzing with excitement from … More Live Music Review: MisterWives + Bleachers (+ photos!)