Single: the black watch – Mad

It’s difficult to categorize the black watch by genre, but the band’s latest single, “Mad,” out on Atom Records, is somewhere between post-punk, psychedelic and alternative rock. Elements characteristic of each of these genres work together with surprising cohesion to create an intricately-woven grungy love song. “Mad” opens with moderately grungy guitar chords and a bright melody … More Single: the black watch – Mad

EP Review: Hazel Bloom – Space Between Words on a Page

Hazel Bloom‘s latest alternative pop EP, Space Between Words on a Page, comprises five ultimate chill pop tracks, two new and three singles. Released Friday, June 14, the EP solidifies Hazel Bloom’s identity as a solo musician, and while it is all exciting, catchy and on-trend, Hazel Bloom maintains a uniqueness and individuality and provides listeners … More EP Review: Hazel Bloom – Space Between Words on a Page

Album Review: Wasuremono – Are You OK?

The word “Wasuremono,” in Japenese kanji, roughly translates to “lost things,” though alternative musician Wasuremono‘s latest album, Are You OK?, does away entirely with the idea of being lost or left behind. Out June 14, the alt-pop record is surprisingly unifying and hopeful in its enveloping synth and fun drum beats, even with the contrast of … More Album Review: Wasuremono – Are You OK?

Album Review: Grover Anderson – The Frontman

Singer-songwriter and Americana musician Grover Anderson has lived in a variety of California atmospheres, each of which has influenced his music; this has never been more evident than on The Frontman, Anderson’s fourth record that will be released on June 13.  It’s an introspective, folky record that tells tales of love, life and loss, and Anderson has … More Album Review: Grover Anderson – The Frontman

Q&A: Royal Teeth talks tour and forthcoming album (plus live photos)

Before releasing its comeback record, Hard Luck, later this summer, indie alt-pop band Royal Teeth currently on tour with Smallpools and Keelan Donovan. Hard Luck is Royal Teeth’s second album, following their Amateurs EP in 2016 and debut full-length, GLOW, in 2013, and comes after a series of label and lineup shifts. The band refused to give up amid the changes, … More Q&A: Royal Teeth talks tour and forthcoming album (plus live photos)

Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

The 11 disco-meets-electropop tracks on multimedia artist ionnalee‘s newest album, REMEMBER THE FUTURE, pulse as if each is its own living being. Out Friday, May 31 on To whom it may concern., the record is the Swedish musician’s second under this moniker and features seemingly endless electronic music. REMEMBER THE FUTURE is a lush disco album, … More Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

Album Review: Flower Crown – Sundries

With a stunning follow-up to their first record, GLOW, Pittsburgh dream-pop band Flower Crown returned with the release of Sundries on Friday, May 24. It is a melodic, synth-filled album with beautiful production and desolate lyrics, and it strikes a unique balance between lazy and moving, languid and expressive. The echo and reverb on this record contribute to … More Album Review: Flower Crown – Sundries