2017’s Top Fifteen

Happy new year! I know I’m not the only one thankful for a clean slate. 2017 was full of political, personal, and musical intensity; every week, there seemed to be something new and sensational. In my own life, I hit some of the lowest points I’ve ever hit as well as some of the highest, … More 2017’s Top Fifteen

EP Review: Jetty Bones – Crucial States

All I could think on my way to Baltimore this weekend was, “How have I not written about Kelc yet?!”. One of my favorite musicians who just so happens to be a good friend, Kelc Galluzzo is the mastermind behind post-punk/pop-rock project Jetty Bones. In person, Galluzzo is cool, energetic, and just about as colorful as her ever-changing hair – and her music is an excellent reflection of that spunk. … More EP Review: Jetty Bones – Crucial States