EP Review: Commonweather – Sugar Sun EP

Coming almost a year after Chicago alt-rock band Commonweather‘s last release, the Sugar Sun EP is a bit of a poppy departure from the band’s previous music. Out Friday, September 13, the three tracks that comprise Sugar Sun are brighter, lighter and almost sunny compared to the heavier, grungier music that came before. Despite its lighter vibe, … More EP Review: Commonweather – Sugar Sun EP

Single: Sour Widows – Pilot Light

Bay Area bedroom-rockers Sour Widows formed in 2018, but the band has already enjoyed plenty of praise from an EP, several demos and, more recently, two singles. “Pilot Light,” the most recent of those singles, was released Friday, September 13, and features classic indie-rock guitar tones, tingling vocal harmonies and a driving drum beat. “Pilot … More Single: Sour Widows – Pilot Light

Album Review: Young Mister – Sudden Swoon

North Carolina singer-songwriter Steven Fiore – AKA Young Mister – put careful consideration into every detail of his new album, Sudden Swoon, out Friday, September 13, on Refresh Records. The album, an array of eleven folk-pop songs, is honest and authentic, and each song flows into the next because the record as a whole feels greater … More Album Review: Young Mister – Sudden Swoon

Single: Pioneers – I Don’t Think I’ve Changed

UK indie rockers Pioneers lament the struggles of growing up on “I Don’t Think I’ve Changed,” a roaring indie-rock track with impossibly catchy melodies and cool guitar hooks. The single, out Friday, August 30, fits neatly with the rest of Pioneers’ musical history and carries the same edgy, irresistible pop-rock sound as bands like Cage The Elephant. … More Single: Pioneers – I Don’t Think I’ve Changed

Album Review: Peaer – A Healthy Earth

Everything about Brooklyn math-rock trio Peaer‘s latest album, A Healthy Earth, is calculated: the record, out August 16, is meticulously constructed and highly rhythmic, with every note falling into place exactly as it’s expected to. Though at times predictable, the music is also both sophisticated and cool, and the 11 indie-rock tracks make for a stellar … More Album Review: Peaer – A Healthy Earth

EP Review: floral print – floral print

Following Atlanta band floral print‘s label debut in October 2017, the band’s experimental rock floral print EP feels neurotic, chaotic and intentionally disjointed. Out August 2 on Tiny Engines, the EP lurches its way through six hypnotizing yet jarring tracks as the musical trio shakes out their jitters. Though jarring, floral print’s self-titled EP is not off-putting; … More EP Review: floral print – floral print

Single: Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

UK indie rockers Dutch Criminal Record blended summery and ’60s vibes on their latest single, “Fade Away,” out July 19, and while the thrilling, energetic track explores lyrical themes of loneliness and solitude, its music feels like a bright, surf-rock throwback. “Fade Away” opens with a frenetic, bright guitar riff, and though the track is buzzing … More Single: Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

Album Review: Ada Lea – what we say in private

Montreal musician Ada Lea‘s debut is a diverse and intense indie rock record, and though it began as a concept album, it evolved over the course of its production into a vivid collection of pop-rock tracks. Out Friday, July 19, on Saddle Creek, what we say in private is a stunningly cathartic debut for Ada Lea, featuring resonant … More Album Review: Ada Lea – what we say in private

Single: wojtek the bear – a long wait for bad news

Glasgow alternative quintet wojtek the bear captured both the music and the mood of the moment with its new single, “a long wait for bad news,” released July 19 on all music platforms via Scottish Fiction. While upbeat, poppy and effortlessly catchy, “a long wait for bad news” also conveys the anxieties about technology and social media … More Single: wojtek the bear – a long wait for bad news