Album Review: DieAlps! – Our City

If rock, pop, and folk were three different overlapping circles (like this), the genre of DieAlps!’s “Our City” would be consistently shifting between them. It’s certainly not a linear progression, but it’s not a continuous blend of genres, either. No matter the sound at any given point, however, it’s obvious that it’s the same band. … More Album Review: DieAlps! – Our City

Album Review: Joywave – Content

No matter which way you choose to pronounce Joywave’s latest record – “CON-tent” versus “con-TENT” – the alt-pop album came highly anticipated. The jury is still out on whether or not it lived up to the hype, however. It’s definitely different from their typical smooth-and-shiny sound, but lyrics based around being unable to connect simply … More Album Review: Joywave – Content

Live Music Review: Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, & Colly (+ photos!)

Despite having a brother who lives on Ohio State’s campus, I had never been to the Donato’s Basement on High Street until last Sunday’s Tuned Up show with Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, and Colly. I wasn’t expecting, then, how packed it would easily become throughout the night as excitement built with each new performer.  … More Live Music Review: Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, & Colly (+ photos!)

Album Review: The Dream Eaters – We Are A Curse

In ten spine-tingling tracks, We Are A Curse is the latest dreamy indie pop record from The Dream Eaters. It’s not your typical synth-and-airiness, though: there’s a tangy, sour taste that accompanies the otherwise soft songs that brings a fresh take to the genre. It’s the band’s first full-length, released on April 14, and it promises … More Album Review: The Dream Eaters – We Are A Curse

Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots

In a swirl of chalky pastel and glowing electric neon, MisterWives’ newest, Connect The Dots, is the exact opposite of a “sophomore slump”. Out tomorrow and packed with eleven upbeat tracks, this bold album is a colorful indie pop picture of independence and confidence. Right from the get-go, Connect The Dots makes an excellent first impression with Machine, … More Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots