EP Review: RADATTACK – Montana Psychedelic Versus

Classifying themselves as “rock and roll muscle pop,” the boys in RADATTACK may be (for the most part) in high school, but they’ve already begun to make a name for themselves. The boys aren’t exactly inexperienced; almost all four of them have been participants in other Clintonville musical endeavors, including surf-punk band The Comos and Seth Peacock’s project Rat … More EP Review: RADATTACK – Montana Psychedelic Versus

EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

London alternative-indie band LAPYEAR made its debut with its first ever EP, titled Comfort Underwater, on March 9. The four tracks sound vaguely like a blend of Neck Deep and Turnover and alternate between dreamy rock and leaning towards garage-y guitars. Despite alternating between soft, underwater-sounding guitar riffs and garagey vibes on each of the four tracks, … More EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

There’s something about Brooklyn-based Bedrooms’ latest EP, Tangerine, that is reminiscent of springtime. The five indie pop tracks are nothing if not shimmery, and there’s an effortless accessibility to the muted golden tones that accompany lyrics centered around love and heartbreak. “Change Your Mind” serves as a gentle intro to the rest of the album, showcasing … More EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

EP Review: Pale Waves – All The Things I Never Said

Despite the edgy look of the band and album cover, sweet lyrics and shimmering guitar riffs blend to create bittersweet love songs on Pale Waves‘ debut indie pop EP, All The Things I Never Said. Released on February 19, the EP has already pulled plenty of positive attention toward Pale Waves, who is currently gearing up … More EP Review: Pale Waves – All The Things I Never Said

EP Review: The Cabin Fever – Exercise The Demon

The Cabin Fever‘s latest EP, “Exercise The Demon”, balances catharsis and slowness with dreamy, shoegazey rock. Beautiful string arrangements glide just beneath fuzzy guitar and husky vocals in tracks that are riddled with dark, desolate lyrics, and the eight alt-rock songs are nothing short of haunting. “Exercise The Demon” opens with “B-L-S-H”, a spooky rock ballad … More EP Review: The Cabin Fever – Exercise The Demon

EP Review: You’re Among Friends – One Day You’ll Look Back

Despite a ragged, DIY-esque production style, “One Day You’ll Look Back”, the latest EP from Cleveland-based band You’re Among Friends, is driving and full of unexpected twists. It’s chock-full of power-pop disguised as bluesy rock, and the warbling vocals and guitar take on a new life in each track. “One Day You’ll Look Back” is … More EP Review: You’re Among Friends – One Day You’ll Look Back