Album Review: The Ah – Mere Husk

Drummer and experimental pop musician Jeremy Gustin, who records under the moniker The Ah, will release his sophomore solo record on Friday, January 31. Mere Husk builds 12 tracks around a variety of sounds that Gustin warps and bends into dreamy and eerie barely-pop songs, yet despite its experimental nature, the music remains surprisingly accessible in … More Album Review: The Ah – Mere Husk

Album Review: Stella Emmett – Admirer

New York indie-pop artist Stella Emmett debuted a spacey, chillwave pop sound with the release of Admirer, her debut album, on Friday, August 23. Admirer is a shimmering summer record, and though it is easygoing and melodic, its 10 tracks are also intentional and captivating, built into dynamic layers of sound that shine and glisten. Stella Emmett – … More Album Review: Stella Emmett – Admirer

Single: Kohla – T O U C H

“T O U C H,” electropop musician Kohla‘s latest single, out August 2 on Last Night From Glasgow, is a sultry take on chill pop, complete with smoky vocals; rhythmic, marching percussion; and dreamy, synth-filled background melodies. The track is near-hypnotic, featuring vaguely industrial percussion and waves of synth below alternative-electronic musician Rachel Alice Johnson’s … More Single: Kohla – T O U C H

Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

The 11 disco-meets-electropop tracks on multimedia artist ionnalee‘s newest album, REMEMBER THE FUTURE, pulse as if each is its own living being. Out Friday, May 31 on To whom it may concern., the record is the Swedish musician’s second under this moniker and features seemingly endless electronic music. REMEMBER THE FUTURE is a lush disco album, … More Album Review: ionnalee – REMEMBER THE FUTURE

Album Review: Pheeyownah – SILVER

Swedish and Ugandan singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dancer Pheeyownah‘s debut album, SILVER, was released on Friday, May 3 and marked a strong start to the musician’s discography. Packed full of R&B instrumentals and driving percussion, SILVER is nothing short of mesmerizing. The influence of Pheeyownah’s history as a dancer is clear on nearly every track. Her music is … More Album Review: Pheeyownah – SILVER

Album Review: Angel Metro – Dark Days Bright Lights

Angel Metro‘s first record as a solo artist, Dark Days Bright Lights, is a dark pop study in heartbreak and hope. It was born out of her struggle between “trying to outrun [her] darkest days and finding inspiration in them,” and, in true witch rock fashion (think Damn The Witch Siren), it is everything to the … More Album Review: Angel Metro – Dark Days Bright Lights

EP Review: Charley James – Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?

Charley James graduated from high school and self-released an electropop EP in one fell swoop this summer. The EP, titled Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?, dropped on June 29. Its themes are familiar to any high school student, especially those who are slated to move to college in the fall: he sings about youth, first loves, and the … More EP Review: Charley James – Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?

Album Review: Little Coyote – The Trouble With Teeth

The dichotomy between breathy vocals and heavy-handed alternative pop-rock instrumentals in Little Coyote’s “The Trouble With Teeth” is both catchy and cathartic; it’s often difficult to tell whether the consistently mournful feeling is from foggy vocals, hard instrumentals, or less-than-sunny lyrics. It’s an inviting sadness, however – rather than alienating, Little Coyote welcomes you with … More Album Review: Little Coyote – The Trouble With Teeth

EP Review: Stray Weather – Ever Endeavour

You may remember Stray Weather from our previous review of their first spoken-word EP, but the band has come a long way from its original hip-hop sound with its “Ever Endeavour” EP, out on September 15. Just like before, Mikey Brown’s attention-grabbing lyrics capture intrigue and refuse to let it go. His thick accent doesn’t … More EP Review: Stray Weather – Ever Endeavour