Album Review: yllwblly – Land Lover

Boston musician yllwblly’s debut album Land Lover, out February 7, is at once grand and sparse, building a rich musical and lyrical landscape of acoustic guitars, smooth vocals and solid drums. Written during early mornings before the 23-year old’s day job, the record details the specific heartbreak of losing a foundational relationship, yet yllwblly’s four-year distance … More Album Review: yllwblly – Land Lover

Album Premiere: Spartan Jet-Plex – Resurrected

Spartan Jet-Plex, also known as Nancy Kells, a dark experimental folk musician and collective member and facilitator of Grimalkin Records, released their latest and perhaps spookiest record on Thursday, October 31. Titled Resurrected, the new album lies somewhere between folk and electronica as it explores intensely eerie social and political themes. Resurrected is spine-tingling and captivating right … More Album Premiere: Spartan Jet-Plex – Resurrected

Album Review: Popular Songs For Wholesome Families – Rae Fitzgerald

Born just outside of St. Louis and raised primarily in Alabama, Rae Fitzgerald is a twenty-seven year old singer-songwriter. Her older music is acoustic, but her most recent album, Popular Songs For Wholesome Families, out June 3, has been described as “dream-folk” and “progressive indie-rock”. The first track, Earth, Everything, begins with Fitzgerald’s soft, slightly haunting vocals … More Album Review: Popular Songs For Wholesome Families – Rae Fitzgerald