Single: Freda James – Her Hymn

In a stunning follow-up bonus single to her debut EP, A Woman Alone, which came out July 19, singer-songwriter Freda James released “Her Hymn” on Friday, August 23. “Her Hymn,” a gorgeously simple track, is somehow both ethereal and straightforward at the same time, using light instrumentals and smooth vocals to create a mesmerizing experience. To put … More Single: Freda James – Her Hymn

EP Review: Foxture – E D E N

There’s something about Foxture’s lead singer, Marlon Blackmon, and the husky vocals on the band’s “E D E N” EP that keeps you listening. It’s difficult to distinguish particular words, but that only adds a layer of intrigue to the accessible, dreamy math-pop, fueling a desire to try to hear oddly-specific-but-still-applicable lines (“Feeling a shade of … More EP Review: Foxture – E D E N

Album Review: Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

In general, Cigarettes After Sex sounds exactly the way you’d expect them to after looking at a few album covers: smoky and thick ambient pop. The band makes no exception in its debut full-length, Cigarettes After Sex. It’s a dark dream pop record about the nuances and tragedies of romance, and each hazy new track is … More Album Review: Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex