Album Review: Bleachers – Gone Now

In the three years since the release of Strange Desire, it’s no surprise that Jack Antonoff, AKA Bleachers, has matured, both in sound and personality. However, the release of Gone Now on Friday left me nearly stunned with fresh rhythms and catchy melodies, summery hooks and haunting vocals. As someone who loved Bleachers right from the start, … More Album Review: Bleachers – Gone Now

EP Review: Conversion Delay – Out Of Sight

Whether it’s LCD Soundsystem or Franz Ferdinand, I love a good dance-punk album. When I got an email about Columbus-based Conversion Delay, an indie rock/dance-punk band, I stopped what I was doing – granted, Calculus homework is not the most fascinating thing, but still – to listen. I was definitely not disappointed with their latest … More EP Review: Conversion Delay – Out Of Sight

EP Review: SUNS

When I get emails regarding coverage for small bands, I usually take the time to check them out – in this case, that paid off. SUNS, a tiny post-rock trio from Wales, just put out a three-track EP (available here on cassette and digitally), and it’s right up my alley. It’s not quite dreamy, but it’s … More EP Review: SUNS

Album Review: Corbezzolo – Midnight

Exuding a sort of quiet confidence, Marie Corbo and Noah Demland – AKA Corbezzolo – create an unexpectedly fierce rock duo. In fact, other musicians in the scene look up to Corbezzolo for their confidence and ease on the stage, empowering themselves and others. Of course, as I learned this through my project’s interviews, I also realized that I’d have to write about their latest album, Midnight, because countless musicians recommended it to me. … More Album Review: Corbezzolo – Midnight

Album Review: Vagabon – Infinite Worlds

Laetitia Tamko, recording as Vagabon since 2014, creates “infinite worlds” through each album, as her Bandcamp description suggests. This multi-instrumentalist certainly lives up to that hype – Infinite Worlds, her latest album, came out on February 24 and proves that she does indeed create a seemingly limitless universe within its eight songs. … More Album Review: Vagabon – Infinite Worlds