EP Review: Yo No Say – Inner

Despite claiming to aim for a more simplistic record, Yo No Say’s indie rock “Inner” EP, out Friday, October 13, is anything but.  … More EP Review: Yo No Say – Inner


EP Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming

In what’s meant to be the missing link between “Stomachaches” and “Parachutes”, Frank Iero and the Patience is back with another fiery, punked-up EP: “Keep The Coffins Coming”, which comes out Friday, September 22. “Keep The Coffins Coming” is the exact midpoint between the two albums: not quite as ragged as “Parachutes,” but less polished than … More EP Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming

Album Review: Ledges – Homecoming

Built on an alternative/indie sound with a little ’80s pop thrown into the mix, Ledges‘ debut record, “Homecoming” comes out on Friday, September 1. It’s a story full of lovestruck teens and angst, following a character through “doubt, love, loss, and redemption.” At times gritty and others smooth, the album is broad and soaring, moving with … More Album Review: Ledges – Homecoming

Album Review: Joywave – Content

No matter which way you choose to pronounce Joywave’s latest record – “CON-tent” versus “con-TENT” – the alt-pop album came highly anticipated. The jury is still out on whether or not it lived up to the hype, however. It’s definitely different from their typical smooth-and-shiny sound, but lyrics based around being unable to connect simply … More Album Review: Joywave – Content

Live Music Review: Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, & Colly (+ photos!)

Despite having a brother who lives on Ohio State’s campus, I had never been to the Donato’s Basement on High Street until last Sunday’s Tuned Up show with Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, and Colly. I wasn’t expecting, then, how packed it would easily become throughout the night as excitement built with each new performer.  … More Live Music Review: Benji, Sleeptalk, DBMK, & Colly (+ photos!)

Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE

With Jen Gloeckner’s latest album, VINE, Lana Del Rey meets Twin Peaks meets Stevie Nicks. It’s the best type of ambient indie rock: it’s catchy and floaty with just enough of a grounding voice to keep you from feeling like you’re stuck in the clouds. Gloeckner’s music is, simply put, hypnotizingly beautiful and definitely worth a listen … More Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE