Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots

In a swirl of chalky pastel and glowing electric neon, MisterWives’ newest, Connect The Dots, is the exact opposite of a “sophomore slump”. Out tomorrow and packed with eleven upbeat tracks, this bold album is a colorful indie pop picture of independence and confidence. Right from the get-go, Connect The Dots makes an excellent first impression with Machine, … More Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots

Album Review: The Delta Saints – Monte Vista

After last week’s interview with The Delta Saints, I’ve been excited to write about Monte Vista. Their latest album, Monte Vista was released a little over a week ago and is full of wonderfully fizzy indie rock, complete with catchy hooks and irresistible guitar riffs. According to lead vocalist Ben Ringel, the album is “steeped in chasing a … More Album Review: The Delta Saints – Monte Vista

Album Review: Restless Streets – Together

With Spring Fling just ending in Cleveland, I’ve had pop-punk on the brain for the past few days. Jetty Bones, Mayday Parade, Heroes Like Villains… I’ve just been on a kick. You can imagine my delight, then, when I first listened to Restless Streets’s new album, Together. It’s definitely got some pop-punk in there, although it’s not … More Album Review: Restless Streets – Together