Youth In Music: How Teenage-Friendly Spaces Benefit The Columbus Music Scene

Youth In Music is a mini-series born from a desire to get my friends interested in local music. I was frustrated by the lack of access for teenagers to Columbus shows and musicians; when high schoolers did want to learn about local bands, they didn’t know where to go, and when they found a show, … More Youth In Music: How Teenage-Friendly Spaces Benefit The Columbus Music Scene

EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

London alternative-indie band LAPYEAR made its debut with its first ever EP, titled Comfort Underwater, on March 9. The four tracks sound vaguely like a blend of Neck Deep and Turnover and alternate between dreamy rock and leaning towards garage-y guitars. Despite alternating between soft, underwater-sounding guitar riffs and garagey vibes on each of the four tracks, … More EP Review: LAPYEAR – Comfort Underwater

Album Review: Riverhorse – Who Gets The Last Laugh On Doomsday?

There’s something haunting about the indie folk music on Riverhorse’s debut album, Who Gets The Last Laugh On Doomsday?. Whether the ghostly quality comes from gorgeously bittersweet melodies or frontman Brian Motyll’s husky vocals, the album makes Motyll’s heartbreak sound as if it has become universal. Who Gets The Last Laugh uses a variety of sounds to complete … More Album Review: Riverhorse – Who Gets The Last Laugh On Doomsday?

Album Review: Kississippi – Sunset Blush

Philadelphia indie pop band Kississippi‘s latest record, Sunset Blush, finds the band tighter and bolder than any previous release, and frontwoman Zoe Reynolds sounds confident in her vocals as she croons about heartbreak and loss. The record itself is a testament to the idea that you don’t have to be hardened to be strong; even in vocals, Reynolds’ airy … More Album Review: Kississippi – Sunset Blush

Album Review: Hop Along – Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Blending jangly girl-group harmonies with grinding punk guitars on nearly every track, Philadelphia indie-rock band Hop Along is back with another genre-bending record. The band’s fourth full-length, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, is out tomorrow, April 6, on Saddle Creek, and features forty minutes of intricate music that defies any categorization. There’s a smooth contrast between the rocking guitars, … More Album Review: Hop Along – Bark Your Head Off, Dog

EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

There’s something about Brooklyn-based Bedrooms’ latest EP, Tangerine, that is reminiscent of springtime. The five indie pop tracks are nothing if not shimmery, and there’s an effortless accessibility to the muted golden tones that accompany lyrics centered around love and heartbreak. “Change Your Mind” serves as a gentle intro to the rest of the album, showcasing … More EP Review: Bedrooms – Tangerine

Little Thoughts: Three Records with James Fenney

Little Thoughts is a brand-new monthly guest post series where music fans and writers cover three albums, new or old, that they think deserve to be heard. The series itself is named after a Bloc Party song. This month features James Fenney of Belwood Music, another music blog that I admire. Just like Adam Reeve, James and I … More Little Thoughts: Three Records with James Fenney

Interview: deelanZ

deelanZ, self-proclaimed “queer pop-rocker” from Salt Lake City, is known for his volunteer work with Utah Pride as well as his catchy, visceral music. Almost a month ago, he returned with a cathartic new single, titled “Snake In The Grass”, about being left by his boyfriend after falling into a coma, and Indientry got to … More Interview: deelanZ