Album Review: Andy Suzuki & The Method – The Glass Hour

Sometimes, you get to discover a band in a seriously cool way. In this case, I quite literally stumbled upon Andy Suzuki & The Method – I was on my way downtown and walked past a pop-up show in a New York City subway station. Immediately, I was hooked, running back to get a glimpse … More Album Review: Andy Suzuki & The Method – The Glass Hour

Album Review: Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

In general, Cigarettes After Sex sounds exactly the way you’d expect them to after looking at a few album covers: smoky and thick ambient pop. The band makes no exception in its debut full-length, Cigarettes After Sex. It’s a dark dream pop record about the nuances and tragedies of romance, and each hazy new track is … More Album Review: Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

Album Review: Junior Astronomers – Body Language

As a follow-up to the well-received Dead Nostalgia, Junior Astronomers are back again and ready to rock with a second album: Body Language. It’s vaguely reminiscent of The Strokes or a similarly punchy indie rock band, featuring spicy melodies and aggressively bold instrumentals. With catchy hooks and confident riffs, Junior Astronomers is similar to bands like Young The … More Album Review: Junior Astronomers – Body Language

Album Review: Bleachers – Gone Now

In the three years since the release of Strange Desire, it’s no surprise that Jack Antonoff, AKA Bleachers, has matured, both in sound and personality. However, the release of Gone Now on Friday left me nearly stunned with fresh rhythms and catchy melodies, summery hooks and haunting vocals. As someone who loved Bleachers right from the start, … More Album Review: Bleachers – Gone Now

Album Review: The Dream Eaters – We Are A Curse

In ten spine-tingling tracks, We Are A Curse is the latest dreamy indie pop record from The Dream Eaters. It’s not your typical synth-and-airiness, though: there’s a tangy, sour taste that accompanies the otherwise soft songs that brings a fresh take to the genre. It’s the band’s first full-length, released on April 14, and it promises … More Album Review: The Dream Eaters – We Are A Curse

Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE

With Jen Gloeckner’s latest album, VINE, Lana Del Rey meets Twin Peaks meets Stevie Nicks. It’s the best type of ambient indie rock: it’s catchy and floaty with just enough of a grounding voice to keep you from feeling like you’re stuck in the clouds. Gloeckner’s music is, simply put, hypnotizingly beautiful and definitely worth a listen … More Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE

Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots

In a swirl of chalky pastel and glowing electric neon, MisterWives’ newest, Connect The Dots, is the exact opposite of a “sophomore slump”. Out tomorrow and packed with eleven upbeat tracks, this bold album is a colorful indie pop picture of independence and confidence. Right from the get-go, Connect The Dots makes an excellent first impression with Machine, … More Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots