Single: Loudmammoth – In Blue

English alt-rock quartet Loudmammoth debuted just over a year ago with the release of their first single, “Enough,” and, one year and one record label later, on January 24, 2020, the band released its latest single, this time titled “In Blue.”

210535-in-blue.jpg“In Blue” feels far lighter and mellower than Loudmammoth’s previous releases; its metallic, minimal guitar and vocal pairing lies far from the alternative chords and muted vocals of “Enough.” The twinkling synthesizer melody and velvet vocals only add to this wonderfully golden sound, and the band’s lyrical imagery provides a vivid yet dreamy flair to the track (“We chase the moonlight on the water”).

Still, the crisp, prominent drum beats of “In Blue” keep it grounded, and despite its airy tones and chilled-out attitude, the track remains solid and steady throughout. The vocals, too, get bolder as the track progresses, peaking in strength in the last minute of the track (“Sat on the kitchen floor/I don’t clean here anymore/It’s the coldest that I’ve felt/Slippin’ in and breathing out”).

“In Blue” is truly a stunning, stand-out track. Its floating guitars are matched only by its deep, rich vocals, and the drums maintain a sense of stability throughout the song. The music feels dreamy and almost ethereal, yet the band keeps the track feeling real and honest through the neatly balanced instruments and a steady build in volume throughout.

Photo courtesy of Last Night From Glasgow.

Keep an eye on Loudmammoth for future releases and shows, and listen to Loudmammoth’s “In Blue” on Spotify below.

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