Album Review: kate can wait – Veraniegas

kate can wait, a folk musician and Grimalkin Records collective member from Puerto Rico, released her latest haunting and mesmerizing record on Friday, January 24. Veraniegas is beautifully rich, and kate can wait easily fills 11 tracks with woven melodies and vivid lyrics.

a1505082375_10.jpgThough Veraniegas arrives just under a year after kate can wait’s previous record, howl youth, themes on her newest album stand in a surprisingly summery contrast to howl youth‘s autumnal and wintery ideas.

That said, Veraniegas is anything but bright. kate can wait utilizes only her guitar, her voice and her synthesizer, but the album’s dark, rich folk music is hypnotizing nonetheless as she croons about everything from disappointment to daydreams. The music itself is definitively lo-fi, and kate can wait’s guitar and vocals both feel far-away and muted at times, yet this effect only adds to the overall eeriness of the record.

Veraniegas opens with “green greenz,” an echoing folk track that incorporates sounds of what seems to be a forest or a river to create a whispering and compelling track. The rest of Veraniegas follows suit, building and flowing in a similarly spooky, folky vein.

Tracks like “fantasmeo” weave in and out of themselves, overlapping and building a wonderful curtain of guitar as kate can wait sings in Spanish, and even when songs slow down, like on “le mat,” with its waltzing tempo, beautiful vocal harmonies add depth and richness. Regardless of tempo, however, each song showcases a wonderfully chilling timbre.

The final track, “orphan maker,” ends the album with a darker sound than previous songs, and kate can wait combines droning vocals with rhythmic picking patterns and quiet harmonies to make an almost ghostly song. “orphan maker” ends Veraniegas on a haunting note, ensuring the album’s memorability long after the last song is finished.

veraniegas tapes.jpgAs with all Grimalkin releases, proceeds from the sale of kate can wait’s Veraniegas support not only the musician and her record label but also an important nonprofit. Proceeds from cassette sales go to the True Self Foundation in Puerto Rico, who supports the LGBTQIA+ community and features programs like the Be Free Fund, which helps people financially with transitioning. Digital-only proceeds of the album will support kate can wait, and lathe cut proceeds will support future physical releases on Grimalkin Records.

Find Veraniegas on all streaming platforms now, and listen to and purchase the album via Bandcamp below.

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