Single: Moving In Slow – Pink Shirt

Miami alternative pop musician Laurent Chavannes – also known as Moving In Slow – kicked off 2020 with a glorious, warping single, titled “Pink Shirt,” on January 11. The track is beautiful, blending alternative tones with elements of indie pop to create an intricate and melting single.

artworks-000653953495-em61t6-t500x500.jpg“Pink Shirt” opens with a pretty, simple guitar progression tinged with characteristic indie rock tones: the sound feels jangly and upbeat. Chavannes’ vocals only add to this glistening texture; his voice feels vintage and far-away, and the background droning synthesizer makes the entire track float.

The song feels at once intricate and intimate. It feels warm and soft, yet also bold as Chavannes layers swooning harmonies with strong synth melodies and bright guitar. Chavannes adds an element of authenticity as he croons about insecurity and anxiety (“Trying to find the words/It’s so absurd/I’m going home”). The resulting sound is real yet dreamy. The music warps and shifts throughout until a series of whistling sounds seem to hoot and loop together, bringing the song to a satisfying end.

“Pink Shirt” is a short song, clocking in at only two minutes and 14 seconds, yet its music feels wonderfully whole. Its music and melodies build through the entire track, adding both texture and beautiful timbre until the very end of its surprisingly and unfortunately short runtime.


“Pink Shirt” is a stunning track, and an excellent start to 2020; it promises more strong music to come from Moving In Slow in the new decade. In the meantime, however, find the musician’s new song on all other streaming platforms and listen to “Pink Shirt” on SoundCloud below.

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