Single: Jonny Polonsky – The Weeping Souls

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Polonsky marked another step in his storied career with the release of his latest moody single, “The Weeping Souls,” out Friday, January 17. The song is a shifting and mystical track, and though it is certainly dark, its mellow, mid-tempo drum beat lifts the track and keeps it from feeling draining.


“The Weeping Souls” opens with a deep, pulsing drum beat and rich alt-rock guitar tones that back Polonsky’s voice well. The song feels dark, yet surprisingly catchy, and his vocals twist and ache as he sings (“Take a look around at all the carnage in your face/Take a look around at all the madness in your soul”).

“This song is basically about when you’ve cut someone out of your life, and you’re still trying to process all the conflicting, paradoxical feelings you have for them,” said Polonsky. “It’s also kind of a love letter that was intentionally never sent to its recipient. Sorta like how Abraham Lincoln would write letters venting his feelings and stick them in his desk drawer. I don’t have a desk drawer, so I’m using the Internet.”

The song is tinged with a combination of melancholy and lust; there is both tangible pain and tangible love in the track, capturing the reality of complicated human emotions well. Though a strange combination of feelings, the sounds and emotions mesh surprisingly well as Polonsky uses a variety of instruments and tones to create a deeply stinging track. The guitars seem to punctuate and ground Polonsky’s achy vocals, while the piano feels more reflective, and the end result is a complex, constantly shifting alternative track.

887401.jpgThis week did not only bring the single release; Polonsky also announced an upcoming album: Jonny Polonsky’s Kingdom Of Sleep will be released on March 6, 2020, but in the meantime, find his latest single, “The Weeping Souls,” on all streaming platforms now. Listen to the song via Spotify below.

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