End of the Year: Indientry’s Favorite Tracks of 2019

This post is part of Indientry’s End of the Year feature series. Check out Battle of the Bloggers 2019, and stay tuned for Indientry’s Top 15 Albums of the Year on Friday, December 20.

2019 was a long year, but it featured no shortage of excellent music; though it is, at times, difficult to remember what music was released this year, it also felt like there was a new, exciting release every week, and some tracks just stuck. 

From Sigrid’s “Sight of You” to Trying’s “I Just Can’t Feel the Rhythm” to Ames’ “Hold On,” there were tracks that cycled through our playlists month to month. Others, like Delacey’s “The Subway Song” or Eighty Ninety’s “10K Summer Nights,” are reminiscent of a brief moment in the year, but are powerful nonetheless.

The music also ranges in genre: Chela’s “Heart O’ Hearts” is undeniably pop, but Hidden Places’ “Baby Tracy” leans toward post-punk and Holly Rees’ “Getting By” is tinged with folk. Regardless, every track on this playlist holds a distinct place in 2019.

It was difficult to pick a limited number of songs to represent the year, but the following playlist features 50 of our favorite tracks from 2019. Each has a distinct sound, and they’re listed in no particular order, but each of these songs was on repeat for weeks on end. 

We encourage you to explore the playlist below – it is three hours long, but we promise, it’s worth it to listen to at least a few tracks – but more than that, we encourage you to find a song (or a few) that you love and dig deeper into that artist’s discography. Each artist on this list deserves more than just a one-song listen, and perhaps (we hope) you’ll find one you truly love. 

Listen to Indientry’s Favorite Tracks of 2019:

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