Single: Katrina Cain – Promised Land

Recent LA transplant Katrina Cain is no stranger to the music industry, having been a contestant on NBC’s The Voice earlier in her career, and the singer-songwriter’s latest single is no exception. “Promised Land,” released on Friday, December 13, oozes with glistening synthesizer, warm vocals and encouraging optimism.

PROMISED LAND ARTWORK by Brooke Taelor Photography.jpg
Art by Brooke Taelor Photography.

As far as pop songs go, “Promised Land” runs about as smooth as they come; it features dreamy synthesizer and, though there are distorted voices in the background of the intro, Cain’s voice is nothing short of velvet. Her warm, light vocals oscillate in pitch and register throughout the track, but Cain remains smooth and steady throughout.


Yet “Promised Land” builds in energy throughout. The track’s chorus injects an impossible drive in both sound and lyrics, and the song features subtle yet danceable electronic percussion that seems to intensify throughout.

And though the track was written during a difficult period – when Cain moved to Los Angeles with no money, no job and no friends – it is remarkably optimistic. Its chorus brings the most hope (“Honey, I know I’ve changed/But I don’t know who I am/I’m just out here/Floating somewhere in the promised land”) but even Cain’s vocals sound strong and confident, steady in her new city and new life.

Logo by Renee Lorentz.

“Promised Land” is a wonderfully golden track; its low-key electronic percussion meshes well with its shimmering synth. Keep an eye on Katrina Cain’s website for more information about her upcoming EP, Promised Land, which will feature “Promised Land” alongside five additional tracks.


In the meantime, find “Promised Land” on all streaming platforms and check out the remix competition for the track, which is run by @MetaPopInc on Instagram and boasts a prize of around $2,000-worth of Native gear.

Listen to “Promised Land” via Spotify below.

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