Single: DYLLAN – devotion

Los Angeles singer-songwriter DYLLAN (Dylan Nichols) released an ode to self-love and a middle-finger to objectification on Friday, December 6 with her latest track, “devotion.” It’s a percussive, synth-filled indie-pop track that is brimming with empowerment as Nichols croons.

Artwork.jpg“devotion” features warm, blurry synthesizer melodies at first, creating a pleasant contrast with Nichols’ smoky vocals. The percussion is prominent, though well-blended with the rest of the track, and fits well with the slightly processed feeling of the track. Yet the song is catchy, with irresistible, low melodies in both synth and vocals.

And though the track is light in tone and texture, Nichols’ voice emanates power as she sings. Her voice is deep and rich, and she croons about rejecting idolization and objectification in the chorus (“I don’t need your worship/I am just a person/I am not your goddess and I don’t need your devotion”).

“I’ve been in more than one relationship where a man put me on a pedestal,” said Nichols. “Their reflection of me was how I framed my whole identity and feeling of self-worth. Because I was held to such a high standard of perfection, the moment I didn’t live up to their ideal, they would reprimand me and break me down.”

The track builds through its bridge and releases, becoming both more driving and more layered. But the light feeling of the track does not change, and more importantly, neither does its power.

Cred_ Julia Torchine.JPG
Photo by Julia Torchine.

“Women have been held to this impossible standard for too long; mythologized, objectified. We can’t win,” said Nichols. “…Being treated like a “goddess,” isn’t what we’re here for anymore. We’re here for equality. We’re here to be treated as human beings. We don’t need the male gaze to feel confident, sexy, or valuable. We have self-love.”

“devotion” is a stunningly synthy, catchy indie-pop anthem to empowerment and self-ownership. Find the track on all streaming services and listen to “devotion” on Spotify below.

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