EP Review: Nature TV – Emotion Sickness EP

Brighton indie dream-pop quartet Nature TV‘s latest EP, released on November 29 on Heist or Hit, is simultaneously vulnerable and upbeat. Emotion Sickness covers themes from love to heartbreak as the EP moves between languidly mellow tracks and bubbly, bright ones. Yet the entire record is cohesive, tied together with frontman Guy Bangham’s smooth, rich vocals, jangly guitar melodies from Bangham and lead guitarist Solo Major and low bass licks from Josh Eriskin.
unnamed (1).jpg

The EP opens with “She Wants To See You Cry,” a surfy track with jangling guitar melodies contrasted only by Bangham’s decadently resonant vocals. That first track feels bright and metallic and impossibly catchy, and it’s matched by the following song. “Side Eye” is lower, featuring a heavy bass lick and just a touch of lyrical angst (“And to my friends at home that I never see/I just want to die/But I can’t bear to leave you/Or to see you either”).

“Ride & Die” begins to slow the EP down with a languid, drawn-out beat and a bell-toned melody on top. Everything about the track is more relaxed than the first two; it feels lazy and warm as Bangham croons, “Help me drift away/To find that hopeful place where/You and I/Ride and die/Til the end.”

Yet though the EP quickly returns to quick and light with “Drowning,” a smooth love song with a fast-paced guitar melody and nuggets of jealousy wrapped within (“I hear you’re taken and that hurts me so”), the final song bends and curves throughout its low-key pace.

Emotion Sickness is musically strong throughout; the pacing of the EP as a whole feels natural as the band transitions into songs with varying tempos. And regardless of energy level, each track features sticky melodies, beautiful bass lines, vulnerable lyrics and decadent vocals; this blend makes for a wonderfully jangly set of tracks.

Photo by Ben Pender.

Emotion Sickness is several intensely personal but hopefully relatable songs about heartbreak, unrequited love, missed opportunities and things that could have been,” said frontman Guy Bangham. “We’re so excited to finally release it and we can’t wait to share loads more new music next year!”

Emotion Sickness is a smooth, jangly EP and is a strong release for the band, promising more wonderful music to come; follow the band on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for more and listen to the Emotion Sickness EP on all musical platforms now.

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