Album Review: Zach Frost – Bucket List

Multi-instrumentalist and Columbus musician Zach Frost released his sophomore EP, titled Bucket List, on Friday, November 1. Packed with five moving indie-rock tracks, the EP moves swiftly from heavy, thrilling guitar chords to introspective piano melodies, all while maintaining the same sense of thoughtfulness.

Zach Frost - Bucket List Album Cover.jpgFrost’s musical history is evident on the EP – he has plenty of experience, including touring as a punk drummer and working as an artist manager, and he writes and plays every instrument featured in his music. On Bucket List, Frost’s music is well-balanced and driving, blending indie rock with folk and emo influences as Frost sings about life and love.

But while many of Frost’s songs feature a neat blend of emo and indie rock, each song on Bucket List features a different taste of the musical blend. “Tombstone” kicks off the record with electric guitar picking that bursts into thicker chords as Frost warbles, “I wanna live/I wanna love/I’m not content/With just enough.” It’s a driving track both musically and lyrically.

But following “Tombstone” is “Rock Bottom,” a lighter track that still feels close to indie rock. “Rock Bottom” is catchy, despite its honest depiction of several sticky situations (“Rock bottom/When you’re sleeping on your ex’s couch”). And after that comes “Make The Oceans Move,” an apathetic, punky track that builds into a rich swell of rock music near the end before Frost closes the song with a spoken-word segment. The fourth song, “Lying On The Floor,” takes a slower and sadder approach with piano melodies and acoustic guitar before “Cheap Wine” closes out the EP with the same punky, indie-rock sound as before.

But the mild diversity in sound on Bucket List still leaves room for plenty of cohesion. Frost’s vocals, if slightly processed-sounding, tie together each track with his strong, smooth sound and introspective lyrics, and the tracks fall within a wide enough range of sounds that each song is unique, but they fit together well.

Zach Frost - Press Photo 2019.jpgBucket List is a classic indie rock EP that is tinged with just enough punk and is full of just enough tracks about love and loss. Stay up to date with Zach Frost’s social media (Facebook, Instagram) and check out Bucket List on all streaming services.

Listen to Bucket List on Spotify below.

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