EP Review: Llovers – Things That I Don’t Understand

United Kingdom psych-pop group Llovers, who have already received widespread acclaim both online and on the radio, will debut their first EP, titled Things That I Don’t Understand, on Wednesday, October 30 on Think Tank? Records. It’s a shimmering pop record that moves from feeling highly electronic to seeming more mellow, though Llovers’ music is strong the entire way.

artworks-000574349822-ivvoz1-t500x500.jpgThings That I Don’t Understand opens with “Honestly,” a percussive, highly-processed dance-beat pop song with slight distortion, a bit of grit and an electrifying, shimmering energy as the track tells a story of brief connections with strangers (“In these moments/Worlds collide”).

“Sonically the track is unlike anything we’ve done before,” said co-frontman Jack Brooks. “We’re always really excited to show people the breadth of what we can do and Honestly allows us to showcase another side to us that I think is really exciting.”

But the EP continues, and though “Honestly” is well-crafted, the songs that follow fall on a far different pop spectrum. “Coming Loose,” feels a little more mainstream, with poppy sensibilities and smooth vocals, whereas “Your Time, My Mind” is minimalist and feels both sad and exhausted (“Where did you go?/It’s been so long”), featuring little more than shining vocals and wavy keyboard in the background. On the other hand, “Do You Know” returns to the same crunchy, high-energy pop sound as the first track, though not as extreme, and feels bright and upbeat.

But “Change” stands out. Not only does “Change” finish the five-song EP, but it is slower and more languid, drawing out every last second of the record and allowing it to glint and shine in the light. And at the same time, the track feels desperately heartbroken (“But nobody wants you/So you’re lying there on the ground”), even as it bursts into a grungier, heavier sound near its end.

Photo by Milly Hutchcraft.

Things That I Don’t Understand showcases a wide range of moods and modes, and somehow, Llovers excels in each of the five variant tracks. Find Llovers’ Things That I Don’t Understand on all streaming platforms on October 30, and listen to “Honestly,” a single from the EP, on Soundcloud below.

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