Single: Mean Siders – Friends For Lunch

New York glitter-punks Mean Siders released a rocking middle finger toward beauty standards in the form of a single titled “Friends For Lunch” on Friday, October 25. “Friends For Lunch” is a pounding, thrilling, bold track with more attitude than seems possible packed into four minutes of indie punk music as frontwoman Katie Ortiz sneers and shouts about unreasonable aesthetic expectations.

FFL Single Art.png“Friends For Lunch” opens with exciting, crisp drums and daring melodies from both the guitar and bass. The guitars strike a perfect balance between grungy and clean so that they feel dark, low and cool without distorting the entire melodic nature of the song beyond recognition, and a deft guitar solo about halfway through the song is electrifying, only serving to emphasize the energy in the track and the musicians’ impressive skill level.

And there’s a fire in both the guitars and in Ortiz’s vocals; her voice is dry and angry, falling somewhere between singing and yelling as she howls about beauty myths (“You make me feel/Like there’s nothing a girl can do/Like I’m here/To find out if I’m f**kable to you”). Drummer Shannon Minor weaves her own vocal interjections between Ortiz’s lines as if providing affirmations and punctuations that heighten the overall theatrics of the track.

The attitude on “Friends For Lunch” is unreal, evident in nearly every second and every aspect of the song, and the track is nothing if not bold. The music is heavy, strong and dark, and everything about “Friends For Lunch” combines to make it the perfect song for the current social and musical moment.

Press Photo 1 (Mean Siders).jpeg

“Friends For Lunch” comes as another single off of Mean Siders’ upcoming EP, All Of Us, which will be released in full on November 12 on Philadelphia collective Good How Are You Records. Keep in touch with the band for updates on the EP, and in the meantime, find “Friends For Lunch” on all musical platforms and stream the single on Spotify below.

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