Single: Hallan – Men

Portsmouth, England, post-punk quartet Hallan will debut another punky, raw single with the release of “Men” on Saturday, October 5. The song, a nearly five-minute rhythmic exploration of masculinity and gender roles, features layered electric guitar-picking melodies and dry, alternative vocals.


“Men” is edgy and neatly contrasts post-punk tropes – dry vocals with a mild echo, grungy guitar picking, highly rhythmic melodies and patterns – with modern lyrics calling out gender roles (“Bang, bang, bang he hits the wall/Check, check, check did he make the fall”).

The track is bold, though not overwhelming. Its definitively punk sound is heavy, but not weighty, and there’s a sense of anger to the vocals as lead singer and frontman Conor sings about the unfair expectations and roles laid out for young men.

“We are alone on this island. The young men that you see every day are at sea on a piece of land surrounded by a sea of pressure and weight,” said the band about the song. “Live a life of expectation and earn a wage. Cast aside your creativity in favour of a fake lie and never show yourself to the world. To be creative is a weakness and to show emotion might as well be a crime. We are the young men and we feel alone. I feel alone. I’m the doing the best that I can, there’s pressure in being a man.”


The track is remarkable; though long, clocking in at almost five minutes, its grungy melodies and post-punk guitar tones are just as engaging as its honest and socially conscious lyrical content. It is an excellent song, and the release is another in an already strong discography.

“Men” is out on all streaming and purchasing platforms on Saturday, October 5. Keep an eye on Hallan’s websiteBandcamp page and social media (Facebook, Instagram) for more information about the single as well as any future tour dates or releases.

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