Album Review: Jamie Drake – Everything’s Fine

California indie-folk singer-songwriter Jamie Drake stepped into the music scene with an incredible, shimmering debut album, Everything’s Fine, out Friday, September 20 on AntiFragile Music. The record comprises nine gorgeously glamorous and modern folk tracks made richer by the addition of thick strings and layered harmonies.

unnamed.jpgIt is no surprise that Everything’s Fine sounds mature and modern; Drake has a plethora of musical collaborations as well as TV and film composing credits on her resumé, and this experience is reflected in the comfortability and ease with which she blends vintage, glamorous tones with modern beats on her debut record.

In fact, Everything’s Fine is stunning in nearly every regard. Drake’s smooth vocals are strong as she sings powerfully in three octaves, and the instrumentation is nothing short of rich: layers on layers of strings and dripping harmonies provide a swelling, stunning background to Drake’s gorgeous vocals, and the occasional whistling melody provides a hint of whimsy to an otherwise cinematic track.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite song on the record because each is delightful in a different way. “To My Love” has pretty melodies that twist into something new as Drake sings powerfully, whereas “Blue” has a funky, modern beat and spine-tingling swells of music. “Make a Spark” is intricately woven with jaw-droppingly beautiful vocal harmonies, while “When The Tide Comes In,” on the other hand, takes a folkier approach with a soft, shimmering vocal melody.

The finishing touch to the all-around heavenly record is Drake’s seemingly unending sense of hope, even in the face of darkness (“When the tide is low/There’s an undertow/And it takes its toll/You’re gonna learn to go with the flow” in “Make a Spark,” for example).

“So much of day-to-day life is optimistically proceeding as if things are going to work out, contrary to the evidence that things are really falling apart. Yet still we continue to tell ourselves that everything’s fine,” Drake said about the record. “It’s really just my way of lying to myself.”

Photo by Kathryna Hancock.

Everything’s Fine is truly a stunning debut; it’s decadent and shining, and each track is somehow more beautiful than the last. The record begs more than one listen, and, though her resumé is already packed, promises further good things to come from the singer-songwriter.

Find Everything’s Fine on all streaming platforms, and listen to the album via Spotify below.


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