Album Review: Young Mister – Sudden Swoon

North Carolina singer-songwriter Steven Fiore – AKA Young Mister – put careful consideration into every detail of his new album, Sudden Swoon, out Friday, September 13, on Refresh Records. The album, an array of eleven folk-pop songs, is honest and authentic, and each song flows into the next because the record as a whole feels greater than the individual tracks themselves.

a1210954796_16.jpgSudden Swoon is a smooth, folky, accessible gem of an album. Each guitar-strumming melody is easy and light, while Fiore’s strong vocals melt over the music like warm chocolate, dripping into crevices to ensure there’s no moment without warmth. The music is charming and disarming, providing a sweet background to straightforward stories, and the occasional additional touch – like a brief whistling melody or a harmonizing hum – adds a textured element of surprise.

The album is perhaps represented best by the seemingly simple tracks; “Burned Up Wagon” opens the record with its honest, folky description of burnout, and “Better” is an adorably twangy love story (“Hang your coat up right beside the door/Just like you’ve done a thousand times before/What once was two/Is now only one/All tied up and done”).  “Another Life” is bright and cute with its whistling melody, and “Have A Great Summer” closes the record with a short piano-and-vocal combination, and it brings sadness and closure to the end of the album.

And yet, though each of these songs stands out individually, the record is truly greater as a whole. Fiore himself realized this while writing the music, first posting individual songs online and then waiting to release the record in its entirety (crowdsourcing the tracklist by inviting fans to vote for their favorite demos along the way), and the result is a flowing, beautiful folk album that paints an honest and relatable narrative of love and loss.

Photo by Steven Fiore.

It’s clear that Fiore put intention into each of the eleven songs featured on Sudden Swoon; the record is greater than the sum of its parts. Its melodies are folky and accessible, its vocals are strong and smooth and its lyrics are honest and authentic, and all of this makes for a stunning full-length folk-pop album.

Check out the first few singles from Young Mister’s Sudden Swoon via Bandcamp below, and preorder the entire record to hear more on Friday, September 13.

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