Q&A: The Covasettes detail debut EP

Manchester indie rockers The Covasettes released It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds, their debut EP, on July 5, 2019, and have garnered plenty of praise as a result. The EP is a stunning summer record; it’s energetic and anthemic, and each chorus is impossibly catchy. Amidst a hectic schedule preparing for another round of live shows, drummer Matt Buckley answered a few questions from Indientry about the EP and the band’s history – check out the interview below.


Indientry: Hey, guys! How are you?

Matt Buckley: Hey, We’re great thanks!

How did your group get together and start making music?

We met just over 3 years ago at university in Manchester. Chris and Matt met first and started to jam, a few months later they found me (Buckles) and once I rocked their world, they decided to keep me. It was Matt who then stumbled across Jamie. This was by accident, as he lived with him, but we didn’t know what Jamie was capable of until he was handed a bass. I like to call these happy accidents.

What albums and songs have you all been listening lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of The Blinders’ latest album Columbia, it has some bangers on there! Matt has been dipping into early stuff from one of his favorite bands Little Comets, Chris is loving the new No Hot Ashes album Hardship Starship, and as for Jamie, whatever it is… it’s shouty and loud.

If you could tour with any band that’s ever existed, regardless of whether or not they’re currently alive or making music, who would it be?

I think all of us would agree that touring with Coldplay would be the best experience ever! We’re big fans of Coldplay in this band. It might take a while for Chris and Matt to stop fangirling though.

I know you just released a debut EP in July – congratulations! How has the response been?

It’s been a great response and we really appreciate everyone who has supported us and taken the time to listen to it! We thought it was a great opportunity to put out any songs that wouldn’t normally be released as B sides. But overall, it’s done really well and everybody seems to love it.

Personally, I loved the EP. It’s this super bright alt-pop record, and it’s all very fun. Can you guys tell me about your musical influences, either on this EP or in general?

I think, as a band, we have really different musical influences, but we all add in a part of that to our songs and the EP captures that perfectly. Matt and Chris have similar style and influences in that they like edgy songs, with melodic guitar riffs and powerful lyrics. I prefer the punchier rockier sort of stuff when it comes to drumming, like the Catfish and Killers sort of style. I’m always trying to chop and change what I play so I’ve got to do that in the EP. And with Jamie, unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to scream death metal lyrics over the dreamy vocals of Chris Buxton. But the boy can shred his bass like it’s an electric guitar and he makes it sound groovy and perfect for what we’re going for. He also sings amazing harmonies. The boy’s a genius.

How was the EP creation process different from your previous single releases?

With the EP, we did everything we’ve previously done with our singles. Everything gets recorded by Jamie in his bedroom, which shouldn’t work, but it does! I’m the only one who goes into a studio to record as we are respectful adults and don’t like to annoy our neighbors. We’ve learned that it’s the most productive way for us and that we love the end product when we’re done with it.

How do you think that this EP is different from those singles in terms of sound?

I think that with every single we’ve released, we’ve added to our sound and improved on it bit by bit. We’ve definitely taken essences from our previous songs and added them into the EP. For example, our older and rockier stuff comes back and features on our song “Let’s Go,” whereas we have our newer songs such as “top drawer” and “wild” and we’ve taken them influences and put them into “Twit Twoo” and “You & I.”

What’s each of your favorite songs on the album?

My favorite song is “You & I,” Chris’s is “Let’s Go,” Jamie’s is “Twit Twoo,” and Matt’s is “You & I.”

What’s next for you all?

We have our September tour booked, so we’ll be up and down the country gigging which we all can’t wait for! After that in terms of new music and gigs…who knows… (We certainly know)

Is there anything else you want readers to know about your band or your music?

If they don’t know much about us already, all our socials paint a very good picture of who we are. Give us a follow and join in with whatever road trip Instagram quiz Chris has conjured up. They’re great fun, yet extremely educational and fun for all the family.

Check out The Covasettes on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and stream their EP, It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds, via Spotify below.

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