Q&A: ANIIML explains matchmaking video and poppy new single

LA songwriter, producer and activist ANIIML debuted her latest single, “HANDLE ME,” on Friday, September 6; the single is accompanied by an innovative and interactive video in which a host of single people invite viewers to reach out to them in the hopes that they will find their “person” as singer Lila Rose croons, “Truth is/I want someone to handle me.” It’s a charming concept, and ANIIML has paired up with dating app KINDRA to host a third element of the overall creative project: a singles’ single release party.

To learn more about ANIIML’s creative inspiration and process, as well as about the #CANYOUHANDLE___ project, check out Indientry’s interview with Lila below.

Photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

Indientry: Hey, Lila! How are you?

ANIIML: Busy but feeling strong, healthy and fantastic, thanks!

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

Honestly, I’m listening to a lot of “happy” music, which is unusual for me. I have tended towards darker sadder music historically. I’m going through changes!

“Handle Me” comes out on September 6. It’s a super fun indie-pop track – where do you get your musical inspiration?

Well, I think this falls in line with the above response: I was inspired to try something different. To try something sweet, fun, and a bit lighter. I can’t say that there was a musical influence per se, it was more my venture into exploring simplicity within a musical approach. It was super fun!

Your new single has a super fun new video. Can you tell me about the video and how you came up with that idea?

I was sitting in the studio with my co-producer, and also the electronic drummer in our band, Daniel Burdman. We were finishing up the song, and I was thinking about why I wrote the song, and how difficult it’s been for me to find the right match on my journey of being single. I thought, “Hey, why not use this video/song as a way to try and find my person, and to help some of our friends find their people?” It was one of those AHA moments (I have about 100 a day). But I know when an idea hits if it is worthwhile to pursue. I immediately told Dan the idea, and he agreed it was a great idea. So, two weeks later, I was directing it with my best friend, Misty Fairbanks.

How can viewers contact the people in the video? Will there be any post-contact updates as to whether or not the people in the video found a “person”?

Great question. There will ABSOLUTELY be follow-up. We intend on doing a follow-up music video based on the results. Viewers can get ahold of people in the video by hashtagging #canyouhandle____ with their name in the blank. The hashtag can go in the comments section of wherever they view the post. We will set each of our single people in the video up with a Google search tool that will alert them when their name is tagged.

How does the single release party play into the trope of the song and video?

I was going to host a singles’ party for all my amazing single friends at my house (unrelated to the video/single). Then I had another AHA: why not team up with a dating app and make it the release show for the video? So I did. We teamed up with KINDRA and we’re hosting a release singles’ show/party on Sept 15th at Pour Vous in LA.

What’s next for ANIIML?

We’re touring the new record in Europe this fall!

Is there anything else you want readers to know about you and your music?

My intention is always to be of service to this planet: it’s the most important thing (in my opinion) to protect our home. Without it, we’re nothing. Every part of my music/art leads back to this point, and my intention to make a positive impact on the planet. We’re all ANIIMLS, that’s the point.

ANIIML will host a (singles) single release party at Pour Vous in Los Angeles on 9/15, presented by dating app KINDRA. For tickets & info, click here. In the meantime, stream “HANDLE ME” and watch the video below.

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