Single: Holly Rees – Getting By

UK singer-songwriter Holly Rees expanded her musical soundscape from 2018’s Slow Down EP with the release of “Getting By” (out Friday, September 6), her latest indie-folk masterpiece that deals with depression through a variety of coping skills – namely, poetic choruses, driving percussion and rocking guitar riffs.

Getting By album artwork.jpg“Getting By” is surprisingly upbeat; it opens with simple guitar strumming and Rees’ soft, cool vocals, but it builds with a driving drum beat and, in the chorus, Rees sings boldly about her depression.  The track is rocking and infectiously energetic, and as Rees is genuine in her musical content, it’s easy to jam along.

But the true test of Rees’ authenticity is the poetic yet vulnerable nature of her lyrics. Her chorus is fast-paced, rhythmic and alliterative, and its catchiness in the face of depression is a testament to Rees and her ability to power through the dark weight of it. Most importantly, though, despite the subject matter, the track feels less delicate than Rees’ previous music as she owns her struggle:

I’m doing great, I’m doing fine, I’m doing terribly
Confident, intelligent, I’m scared of what you think of me
Crossing oceans of emotion for the notion of some dopamine
And there’s no lesson in depression, it’s just a question of getting by

“This is a song about struggling with mental health – how things can be really good and really bad at once, and ultimately how sometimes just getting through it is all you can do, and that’s okay,” Holly said in an email.  “Sometimes it’s okay to just survive. The tide will always come back in.”Holly Rees - _Getting By_Pic.jpg“Getting By” is an authentic indie folk track, one that fights against the wave of depression in the most charming Holly Rees manner. The melody is surprisingly upbeat, but the track is honest and real, and it’ll make listeners press play again and again. Canadian fans can also catch Rees at her last few live shows in Canada as she wraps up a 40+-date tour (find more information here).

For everyone else, “Getting By” is available on all streaming platforms, and fans can further support Rees and get additional digital benefits by contributing to her Patreon. Check out “Getting By” on Bandcamp below.

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