Album Review: Miss June – Bad Luck Party

New Zealand quartet Miss June rips their way through the eleven alternative rock tracks that compose their debut record, Bad Luck Party, out Friday, September 6 on Frenchkiss Records. It’s a red-hot album with ragged guitar riffs, unapologetically bold vocals, and startling frenetic energy, and its irresistible punk music is downright electrifying.

792290.jpgMiss June is no stranger to grit: Bad Luck Party opens with grungy guitar chords and a definitively rock energy as “Twitch” sets the tone for the album well with its catchy beat and punky tones. It’s followed by “Best Girl,” a track that represents Miss June’s music even more comprehensively – it’s highly rhythmic and its melody roars its way along, and frontwoman Annabel Liddel’s vocals are dry as she unabashedly states, “It’s a bad luck party/And nobody wins but me.”

Liddel carries this same bold attitude throughout the album as a whole (later in “Best Girl”: “I wanna be your best girl/I wanna be the one who takes down the world/Heard a rumor that it’s a boys’ world/Heard about, I heard about that girl”). Her confrontation is anything but angsty as she takes on misogyny and injustice, though, and her wit is matched in maturity only by the healthy grunge-rock sound of the music.

The rest of the record continues in a similar fashion, featuring tracks with distorted electric lines (“Enemies”); bitter, screeching, uncontrollable anger as Liddel yells and whales on her guitar (“Aquarium”: “I could’ve been anything but instead I chose to be with you”); a more low-key track with a touch of dissonance that later bursts into something more hearty (“Double Negative”); and a deeply resonant, dark bass track (“Scorpio”).

By the end of Bad Luck Party, listeners are left exhausted after a remarkable punk-rock catharsis, yet there’s something entirely magnetic about the frenetic energy of the album that makes fans want to press play again and again.

379331.jpgBad Luck Party marks a strong debut for Miss June; the quartet – frontwoman Annabel Liddel, guitarist Jun Park, bass player Chris Marshall and drummer Tom Leggett – rips their way through eleven tracks, wailing and pounding and roaring. It’s a magnetic, irresistibly punky album, and not just because Miss June demands attention. Stream and purchase “Twitch” and “Best Girl,” the first two songs on the album, via Bandcamp below.

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