Tapes by Indientry: August – Take a Breath

For many, August brings the return of routine, whether that shift comes from the return to school or to a job after a vacation, and adjusting can become overwhelming quickly, especially for those who like to take on a lot of work or extracurriculars. The combination of stress and frenetic energy and the last drops of summer’s oppressively humid heat can drain people entirely.

Take a Breath.jpg

The goal of this month’s Tapes playlist, “Take a Breath,” is to provide a breather from the heat, from the stress, and from the frantic rush that can so often accompany this time of year.

Whether upbeat or mellow, every single one of these nine songs provides a necessary reprieve from the hectic speed of life. Tracks like “Everybody Breaks” bring in a bright indie-pop sound, whereas “Walk in the Woods” takes a more alternative rock approach with jangling guitar melodies and strong, smoky vocals. Still, though, despite the diversity in sound, the playlist as a whole provides a half-hour of respite from life.

Check out “Take a Breath” via Spotify below, and please, take a deep breath and release the tension from your body as you listen.

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