Single: Pioneers – I Don’t Think I’ve Changed

UK indie rockers Pioneers lament the struggles of growing up on “I Don’t Think I’ve Changed,” a roaring indie-rock track with impossibly catchy melodies and cool guitar hooks. The single, out Friday, August 30, fits neatly with the rest of Pioneers’ musical history and carries the same edgy, irresistible pop-rock sound as bands like Cage The Elephant.

I Don't Think I've Changed Cover.jpg“I Don’t Think I’ve Changed” opens with a minimal guitar picking and strong vocals before building textured vocal harmonies in the pre-chorus and, eventually, breaking the dam with a bursting, soaring, arena-ready chorus. The vocals are cool and introspective throughout, maintaining a calm strength, but the track’s true energy stems from the furiously roaring, electrifying guitar melody in the chorus.

That same chorus guitar melody carries some of the excitement of going to a grungy basement show as a teenager; there’s a similar enthusiasm and grit to the music. Though the pre-chorus’s lyrics also feel bittersweet and evocative of coming-of-age years (“When the long night’s coming/Don’t forget where we started”), there’s a maturity in the chorus and its acceptance of growth and responsibility (“Cause I don’t think I’ve changed/I wouldn’t have it any other way/And if you need me to stay/I gotta learn from my mistakes”).

“The track reminisces on our teenage adolescence, whilst coming to terms with the inevitable change of growing up and time moving too fast,” said the band in an email. “We have tried to show a more mature side with this new single, whilst acknowledging the jump from the security of youth to the vulnerability of adult life.”

Pioneers 2019 promo pic.jpg“I Don’t Think I’ve Changed” is an infectiously cool indie rock track, and though it nestles well into the discography of Pioneers’ other singles, its glinting and glimmering rock chorus with a cooler-than-cool guitar melody allows it to stand powerfully alone. Check out the song on all streaming platforms now, and watch the music video on YouTube below.

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