Single: Freda James – Her Hymn

In a stunning follow-up bonus single to her debut EP, A Woman Alone, which came out July 19, singer-songwriter Freda James released “Her Hymn” on Friday, August 23. “Her Hymn,” a gorgeously simple track, is somehow both ethereal and straightforward at the same time, using light instrumentals and smooth vocals to create a mesmerizing experience.

unnamed.jpgTo put it simply, “Her Hymn” is a beautiful track. It opens with a feather-light piano instrumental and James’ deep, resonant vocals as she croons softly about love (“Like a star in the sky, I’ll wait for you/Like a piece of the pie, I’ll wait for you”). The song is mellow and peaceful, soothing and pleasant, ambient and stunning; it is a truly hypnotic song.

“Her Hymn” flows pleasantly, and it is a sweet and mesmerizing song, but not everything about the track is gentle; James’ powerful vocal range is impressively dynamic. She warbles her way through three minutes of vocal-focused music, and her falsetto is just as pretty as her lower register. The combination of those beautiful vocals and a fluid piano melody makes for a truly effortless pop track.

“I was just touching the keys till the right chords settled in,” said James in an email on the songwriting process of this single. “A melody arrived in my mind, words began to flow, and soon I had something that felt soothing. It was a true freestyle moment, a snippet of an otherwise long jam session.”

unnamed (1).jpg
Photo by James Bianchi.

“Her Hymn” is another stop on an already-stunning musical trail that Freda James is blazing. It marks promising work to come from James, and of this single, James says that “the track is a bridge, extending from this first body of work into my next… This is a song, unrefined, to capture a bit of what I love most about music; the channeling of moods and soul as they come.”

Stream “Her Hymn” on all musical platforms and via Soundcloud below.

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