Album Review: Carriers – Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else

Though Americana and psych-rock might not traditionally be thought of as a good genre pairing, musical trio Carriers blends the two surprisingly well on their debut album, Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone ElseNITTFLMYEE is out August 23 on Good Eye Records and comprises nine mesmerizingly dreamy, warping rock tracks reflecting on life, loss, relationships and joy.

Carriers Now Is The Time Cover_FINAL.png“Patience” opens the album with a cool synth line and rhythmic cymbals that bleed into one another, with no clear divisions in rhythm. A guitar picking lick and drums are added in before a smooth, echoing vocal melody interrupts and the other instruments mellow out. It’s a long track, clocking in at six and a half minutes, but it sets the tone well for the rest of the record with its Americana-tinged rock and a touch of punk attitude in frontman Curt Kiser’s vocals.

The rest of NITTFLMYEE follows in a similar manner, though some tracks are mellower (“Heaven’s People”) and others are more intense (“Daily Battle”), and still others are upbeat (“Peace Of Mine”). There are a few constants; each song is long, with the shortest clocking in at just over four and a half minutes and the longest at over eight, and each track also combines melodies across instruments in a surprisingly cohesive manner without feeling overwhelming.

And still, despite all of its psychedelia and weird tidbits mixed in with the other alt-rock, NITTFLMYEE is also surprisingly vulnerable. Its music and lyrics alike are powerfully evocative as Kiser croons about love and loss and life, and hypnotizing melodies wind their way through stories to add depth to their emotion. “Not This Way” is an excellent example; its simple guitar strumming and smooth, throaty vocals are straightforward, and though it’s light, the music is nothing if not dreamy as Kiser begs, “I never wanted this/Can someone help me out/I never wanted this.”

Finally, the record closes with “Now Is The Time,” an echoing four-minute instrumental that provides time and space for listeners to ponder the heaviness of the rest of the record. Dreamy instrumentals and indiscernible vocals provide a beautiful closing palate cleanser, and it’s a stunning note on which to end an already masterfully-crafted record.

Carriers 2 - Credit_ Michael Wilson.jpeg
Photo by Michael Wilson.

Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else is a delicate balance of rhythm and flow as musicians Kiser, Devendorf and Curley move through nine Americana psych-rock tracks. Though long, the record is nothing if not distinctive, and it helps carve out Carriers’ niche within the music scene: warping, winding and cool. NITTFLMYEE is out August 23 on all streaming services, but in the meantime, stream “Another Guy,” Carriers’ latest single from the album, via Spotify below.

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