Single: Eighty Ninety – Got Your Message

Brooklyn brothers Eighty Ninety released yet another stunning track, this one titled “Got Your Message,” on Friday, August 16. “Got Your Message” is the second single from the indie-pop duo’s forthcoming sophomore EP, which comes shortly after the two signed a deal with Hard 8 Working Group. It’s a beautiful track marked by heartache and smoke as the two brothers work in tandem to weave a story of loss, and it marks strong things to come with the EP.

artworks-000573102572-rxcz26-t500x500.jpgThe track itself is warm and emotive; “Got Your Message” feels like a well-worn love letter, one whose creases and folds have long been memorized by its holder. The mellow guitar picking, which kicks off the track with a folky vibe, is later underscored by an upbeat, driving drum beat and smooth yet smoky vocals, and while it is catchy, the entire track also takes on a cool, dusky tinge.

Though the song’s lyrical content is saturated with heartbreak in both the chorus (“I got your message/The one you left when you were drinking and you/Were second-guessing and feeling depressed”) and bridge (“Just don’t hang up the phone/I think I need to talk about it”), the love and vulnerability poured into this track are evident.

And the two brothers’ cohesion is evident on “Got Your Message.” Abner (vocals/production) and Harper (guitar/production) work together to effectively use both sound and negative space to elicit strong relational emotions so that listeners feel the pangs of the loss of this relationship alongside Abner, the singer.

Overall, the song is a gorgeous combination of glowing melodies and catchy indie-pop hooks; the song is upbeat, but its mellow vibes and desolate lyrics maintain a sense of depression, and the music is, simply put, downright pretty.

Photo by Ashley Yu.

Although “Got Your Message” radiates heartbreak, it is made stunning by its lyrical vulnerability, carefully-crafted music and all-around smoky, husky tint. It’s a beautiful single that marks strong things to come from Eighty Ninety, especially with their second EP due for release later in 2019. Keep an eye on the band’s website for more information about the EP, and in the meantime, stream the single below.


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