EP Review: floral print – floral print

Following Atlanta band floral print‘s label debut in October 2017, the band’s experimental rock floral print EP feels neurotic, chaotic and intentionally disjointed. Out August 2 on Tiny Engines, the EP lurches its way through six hypnotizing yet jarring tracks as the musical trio shakes out their jitters.

786996.jpgThough jarring, floral print’s self-titled EP is not off-putting; in fact, its percussive nature is enthralling as the three artists transform their music from a stuttering guitar lick to a cool indie rock blend within one track. The opening song, “six pillows,” feels golden-toned and vintage as the trio moves through six minutes of sharp transitions between punky rock, lighter guitar paired with yelping vocals, and instrumental sections.

Lyrically, the EP dwells on uncertainty: “six pillows,” feels disassociative (I’ve been floating above the ground/since last sunday”) while the chorus of “viridian” deals more with a lover (“pardon my ailment/I can’t love you/I don’t know quite what’s on your mind/but it’s fine”). Regardless, there’s a tension of living within the unknown throughout.

That same tension is evident in the musical quality of floral print. “i go down on the breeze” has the same abrupt quality as the first song, but its heavier and more substantial breaks relieve any feelings of anxiety. Even the brief interludes, “vermillion” and “breeze (reprise),” both of which clock in at around a minute long, feel tight, though both tracks feel more melodic than the others on the EP.

“viridian” wraps up the EP, and something about the bittersweet melody feels like closure. It has more of a post-punk feel in its driving percussion, speak-singing vocals and indie rock guitar chords, but the band’s use of negative space maintains that same percussive, restless stutter that permeates the rest of the release. Finally, the bridge and closing sections of the track hypnotize listeners with a repeating five-note descending guitar lick that sticks from the first few reiterations.

Photo by Lauren Barfield.

The floral print EP is more abrupt than floral print’s previous releases, but it marks a bold, experimental new sound for the band. To keep up with floral print as they continue at breakneck speed, check out their list of upcoming tour dates and keep in touch with their social media, and check out floral print’s self-titled EP now on all streaming services. Listen to and purchase the EP via Bandcamp below.

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