Single: Kohla – T O U C H

“T O U C H,” electropop musician Kohla‘s latest single, out August 2 on Last Night From Glasgow, is a sultry take on chill pop, complete with smoky vocals; rhythmic, marching percussion; and dreamy, synth-filled background melodies.

IMG_9698.2.jpgThe track is near-hypnotic, featuring vaguely industrial percussion and waves of synth below alternative-electronic musician Rachel Alice Johnson’s captivatingly husky vocals. Its layers of dreamy, blurred synth and cool alt-R&B melodies are lush and enthralling without feeling overwhelming, and the production on the smooth track is near-perfect.

Nothing about the music is rushed, and Johnson takes her time to move languidly through the track, even during a slightly more driven chorus. Its tempo and dynamics feel like the low-key pop music on Top 40 charts: though there is a break before the chorus, the negative space gives way to a relatively mellow section with strong vocals and light rhythm.

Though at times, her voice feels breathy, Johnson’s low vocals add even more seduction with a touch of danger and daring to the track as she sighs about the way a lover makes her feel (“Don’t stop/Feels so good when you watch me/And I’m lost/Lost in the way that you touch me”). It is not only the lyrics that contribute to the provocative nature of the song, however, and the layers of synth and percussion provide a rich background as her fluid vocals slide from one note to the next, a trait that fits well with the overall relaxed vibe of the sultry track.

unnamed.jpg“T O U C H” is a remarkable, seductive electropop track; alongside Kohla’s previous two singles, the song will eventually become part of her debut four-track EP, which will be released later in 2019. Keep an eye on Kohla‘s social media for more information, and in the meantime, stream Kohla’s “T O U C H” via Soundcloud.

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