Tapes by Indientry: July – Summer Sunshine

As July comes to a close and we move into August, the sunshine and heat of summertime will persist while many of us move back into a routine: going back to school for the year, returning to work after a vacation, etc. Routine is (usually) a positive, but for many, it also comes with stress, fatigue, and more work – all things that are definitely not positives. The only solution? Carry the sunshine forward however we can.

Summer Sunshine.jpg

“Summer Sunshine,” this month’s edition of Tapes, aims to do exactly that.

The goal here is to provide a playlist that will keep summer (hopefully, minus the oppressive heat and humidity) going long after students have returned to classes and the chill of fall has, thankfully, settled over the world again. Each of the ten tracks featured on this playlist is shiny in its own way, whether upbeat or slower, and each one brings a new level of energy.

Each of these songs could also stand alone or function as part of a greater whole, and on this playlist, the latter takes prevalence as the songs move from a low-key cover to an infectious love song to a dark, theatrical single.

Without further ado, check out “Summer Sunshine” on Spotify below.

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