Single: Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

UK indie rockers Dutch Criminal Record blended summery and ’60s vibes on their latest single, “Fade Away,” out July 19, and while the thrilling, energetic track explores lyrical themes of loneliness and solitude, its music feels like a bright, surf-rock throwback.

Fade Away Artwork.jpg“Fade Away” opens with a frenetic, bright guitar riff, and though the track is buzzing with energy – which shows in its antsy tempo – a tight drumbeat keeps everything clean and controlled. Its seemingly impossible fervor is energizing, proving the band’s enthusiasm for making music while also serving as a bold sort of catharsis for listeners. Overall, the track is upbeat and strong, and a powerful bass lick in the bridge grounds the track while still pushing it forward as cool vocals provide a poppy melody on top of it all.

But while the song feels upbeat and sunny, its lyrics are not quite so positive. Smooth, metallic-tinged vocals lament the struggles of feeling lonely and stuck in a rut (“I know/Nothing ventured, nothing gained/I sit at home alone/By myself, as I fade away”) behind those driving riffs, and while it’s a catchy track, that sharp contrast between lyrics and music forces listeners to think more about the content of what they’re listening to.

Still, though, “Fade Away” is a near-perfect summer anthem. The track feels almost like a Beach Boys-inspired throwback: it’s a strong surf-rock song, and after the bridge, features primarily layered, overlapping instrumental melodies and a few voices vocalizing in a beautiful, soft, ’60s-pop harmony.

76570009.jpg“Fade Away” is a perfectly vibrant track to listen to while clinging to the last real month of summer; it’s warm, upbeat and jangly, and it’ll help carry the sunshine and fun of summer (without the oppressive heat) through the coming weeks. Check out “Fade Away” now via Dutch Criminal Record’s Bandcamp below.

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