EP Review: Trying – I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm

Columbus indie-pop passion project Trying appears softer than its previous work on I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm, its latest EP and the first installment of its second album, which will comprise this release, another EP and some additional tracks. I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm, out July 26, is an altogether-too-short, leave-fans-craving-more collection of four charming, dreamy indie-pop tracks that keep just enough of Trying’s signature noise to feel familiar.


I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm is less harsh than Trying’s previous releases; though there are still elements of noise peppered throughout the EP, it’s largely softer than most other work from Trying. The opening track, “If I Don’t Get a Job,” is a twinkling love song that is at the same time made gritty by a guitar solo as singer and musical mastermind Cameron Carr sings, “If I don’t get a job, would you still live with me?”, whereas “Blowing Wishes” feels tender as Carr croons about bittersweet endings (“Do you wanna say goodbye now?/It’s almost time to leave”) and an underlying clarinet melody adds a touch of nostalgia.

That said, the word “sweet” often has a naive connotation to it, and though the music on I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm is gentle and often sentimental, there’s a definite maturity to this sound. Musicians Cameron Carr, Laura Lenhart, Brady Costigan and Zayn Dweik overlap unique instrumentation (clarinet, glockenspiel, cabasa) and jangly melodies, but tracks like “Dog Videos” prove that not everything is low-key. Though controlled, a fast-paced rhythm driven by drums energizes the first half of the song, and an interjection of heavy distortion overtop of the continuing clarinet melody creates a jarring contrast near the end of the short track.

The EP closes with its title track. “I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm” is saccharine with just a hint of noise: it begins softly, with only an acoustic guitar and Carr’s voice (“No, I won’t let that beast get to you/When time ends we’ll lay down as two/But till then, you just can’t lose the rhythm”), but a quick lick of trilling distortion introduces a new, thicker segment with a few more melodies from the electric guitar, clarinet and others woven into the mix.

Trying on Couch_Sierra Mollenkopf.jpg
Photo by Sierra Mollenkopf.

I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm serves as a teaser to Trying’s upcoming second full-length and it is the first of two EPs that Trying will release in 2019; I Just Can’t Feel the Rhythm will follow, and then the band’s second full-length will merge the two EPs later this year, using additional content to blur the division between the first two releases. For those who just can’t wait, preorder I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm and stream the first two singles via Bandcamp below.


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