Single: wojtek the bear – a long wait for bad news

Glasgow alternative quintet wojtek the bear captured both the music and the mood of the moment with its new single, “a long wait for bad news,” released July 19 on all music platforms via Scottish Fiction. While upbeat, poppy and effortlessly catchy, “a long wait for bad news” also conveys the anxieties about technology and social media that are shared by much of the world.

wojtek the bear - a long wait for bad news - ARTWORK small.jpg

Lyrically, the song covers a relatable mood of the moment: the anxiety of social media, technology and the ever-interconnected world.

“I’ve been thinking a lot recently about smartphones, technology, and social media. In particular how they’ve affected all of us, how we interact with each other, how we feel about ourselves, and specifically my own relationship with them,” said lead singer Tam Killean. “The song deals with how I’ve struggled to restrict myself from these things in an attempt to walk back from the insidious, awful effect it can have on our self-esteem and mental health.”

Its sound, however, is not quite so heavy; the music is high in pitch but strong in tone, and it is intricate without being intense, instead feeling lighthearted and surprisingly summery. The track opens with a bright and mildly tangy guitar strumming, and though Killean’s vocals are somber, there is a tangible hopefulness to the voice as well. It is definitely an indie rock track, and though its content is serious, its music is impossibly catchy and enthralling.

Photo by Kris Boyle.

“a long wait for bad news” is the second in a series of four singles to be released by wojtek the bear throughout 2019, a series which will culminate in a limited-edition 10″ vinyl record, titled old names for new shapes, in November 2019. Keep an eye on the band’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more information on future releases and a string of tour dates, and in the meantime, stream “a long wait for bad news” below.

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