Something Personal: Indientry Turns 4!

Today marks four years since the start of Indientry (and four years and two days since the Fall Out Boy concert that inspired it all). To date, this website has hosted over 350 posts, including two podcast series, a playlist series and a guest post series. It’s seen more than 21,000 visitors and, hopefully, recommended to some of them an album or a song.

Indientry's 4th birthday

Alongside all of that, Indientry has been the only constant in my life amidst a chaotic few years. I’ve loved listening to every new album, EP or single that comes through my inbox, and I have loved connecting to musicians and fans alike. I have loved every minute of these past four years and I look forward to every minute of the future.

This summer, while writing and working on Indientry, I also taught myself how to screen-print – a very DIY process, considering I use embroidery hoops and an old tablecloth rather than a professional screen – and created long-sleeve Indientry t-shirts. They’re for sale for $12 on Indientry’s BigCartel store, and I currently have them in teal and light blue, although sizes are limited and colors may vary because I thrift the blank t-shirts to print.


If you live in Columbus or Athens and you want to pick up a t-shirt instead of paying a shipping fee, shoot me an email at and we can figure out a time to meet. And if you’d prefer a smaller way to rep Indientry, we still have stickers! They’re high-quality 3″x3″ vinyl stickers of the Indientry logo, and for $2, which covers the cost of production and shipping, you can purchase them here.

That said, I need to thank everyone who has supported both me and Indientry for the past four years. From my fellow writers (Peanut Mixtape, The Music Mermaid, Sounds Good, House in the Sand, Atwood Magazine, Lemonade Magazine, Tuned Up and more) to some of my favorite PR companies (Jasper Music PR & Radio Plugging, Clarion Call Media, Noisy Ghost PR, Super Cat PR, Clandestine Label ServicesWall of Sound PR, and more) to my friends and family (The Jeffers girls, Murielle Marra, AKA MX2 Films, Danielle Klein, and all of my other friends) to every single artist I’ve ever covered and every person who’s ever read an article, I can’t thank you all enough. You, your encouragement and your art are all the driving force behind this work. Thank you.

In Indientry’s fifth year, I will continue to cover and support musicians who I think deserve to be heard, and I hope to create new ways to feature musicians and their work as I return to The Nextwave Sessions podcast series and keep writing reviews and features.

I hope that you will all stick with me as I do so and that you will maintain your support of both me and the artists I feature. I appreciate it, and you, more than you will ever know. Thank you, and happy fourth birthday to Indientry!

Speaking of coverage, tune back in tomorrow for another album review. And if you’d like to help Indientry grow further, please take a minute to fill out the feedback form below!

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