Single: Anna Stine – There I’ll Go

Though folky singer-songwriter Anna Stine released her debut EP, Company of Now, in October of 2018, she resurfaced this year on July 2 with the release of a music video for her song, “There I’ll Go.” It’s a grand video for a stunning indie-folk song, and it features Stine as she explores the beauty and grittiness of the West Coast. The song itself, however, is rich and fluid, featuring several guitar melodies and husky vocals.

1. Artwork Cover - © Nick Meza
The album artwork, © Nick Meza.

“There I’ll Go” opens with straightforward guitar picking and smooth, throaty vocals à la Norah Jones. It’s a wonderfully sweet folk song with just the right amount of depth and texture, to which a series of pretty humming harmonies contributes, and the percussion, a series of deep, thudding drum beats, is featured at just the right dynamic and tempo.

But not everything is quite so simple; at times, several picking melodies overlap, and though the music is intricately woven, it is never overwhelming. Stine’s husky vocals keep the entire song grounded, and the melody is unexpected yet catchy – it provides an air of mystery to the track.

In a word, the music on “There I’ll Go” is warm. It’s fluid, and it fits the wanderlust vibe of the West Coast idyll well; the percussion and guitar have no sharp edge, yet Stine’s vocals provide just enough grit to remind listeners that not all is perfect as she croons, “Should I take shelter/If I find solace where the world passed me by?” In fact, the track’s sound fits its music video excellently, and it serves well as a bite-sized teaser for Stine’s full-length.

Anna Stine Photo by Elliot Malcolm
Photo by Elliott Malcolm.

And though “There I’ll Go” is stunning, it is still only one single from Anna Stine’s debut album, Company of Now. Check out the full record on all streaming platforms, and be sure to stay tuned to Anna’s website and social media for any upcoming releases. In the meantime, however, check out the gorgeous video for “There I’ll Go” below.

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