Single: Bandaid Brigade – Travel Light

Genre-defying duo Bandaid Brigade, which comprises veteran musicians Zach Quinn and Brian Wahlstrom, released its debut single, “Travel Light,” on June 27, and the two artists’ combined experience is evident in the track’s impressive cohesion, production and groove.


“Travel Light” is a rocking, genreless track, though its groovy melodies and crisp drum beats are heavily reminiscent of ’80s disco. Its rock roots, too, are evident in the dynamics and high energy of the song as a whole; it’s a catchy, driving, upbeat track, and it is obvious from both the track and its humorous music video that the two musicians enjoyed creating it just as much as fans will enjoy listening.

Nothing about “Travel Light” is too intense, though, and despite deep, cool vocals on lyrics like, “Sooner or later, we’re all gonna eat it,” it is still a light, fun song. Even during the bridge, where the production and harmonies bring an element of theatrics to the music, its grand melodic swells are nowhere near overwhelming; quite the opposite, in fact, as the music is nothing short of invigorating.

The track is also smooth and cohesive – in fact, it is surprisingly so, considering that it was written and recorded in a far more disjointed manner than songs are traditionally created, a fact that further validates the duo’s musical chemistry and combined years of musical expertise.

“Both Brian and I wrote different sections for this song independently during different years, on different sides of the country,” Quinn said in a press release. “Two unused chord progressions found their counterparts, and it was f**king magical.”

Photo by Paul Silver.

“Travel Light” is a fun first release for the band, and it is also the first single from their debut record, I’m Separate. Though details of that project have yet to be revealed, stay tuned to Bandaid Brigade’s website and social media for more information on the forthcoming album as it’s available, and in the meantime, check out “Travel Light” and its music video below.

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