Q&A: Punk rock trio Potty Mouth on SNAFU and tour

Punk-pop-rock group Potty Mouth is in the midst of quite a year: with the release of their new album, SNAFU, on March 1 and a long string of tour dates for essentially the entire summer, the musicians are showcasing an energy that matches that of their record.

SNAFU is the band’s first full-length since Hell Bent, their debut, and though there have been changes, Potty Mouth has maintained the same zest for music throughout their career. And though the three are undoubtedly busy on tour, they were kind enough to answer a few questions about SNAFU. Check out the interview below.

Photo by Nazrin Massaro.

Indientry: How are you guys? How has tour been going?

Potty Mouth: Tour has been really, really fun! We’ve been traveling with Colleen Green – it’s been a pleasure to see her perform every night. We’ve also played a bunch of shows with our pals in Leggy and Justus Proffit, and are about to meet back up with Dressy Bessy.

What artists are you listening to most right now? Any favorite records of the year?

There’s so much great rock music coming out of LA right now!! Rosie Tucker, Cheekface, Ramona Hammer, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts have all released stuff this year.

Tell me a little bit about SNAFU. What did the recording process look like?

It took about two years. Some of the songs were written a few weeks before the album was done, and some were written ages ago. We’ve accumulated a lot of material over the years, and SNAFU is made up of what we think is the best of the best.

The album has this great, exciting, youthful pop-punk energy. Where does your musical inspiration come from?

I think what we make comes out the way it does because of the music we like. We love melodic rock music – Juliana Hatfield, Superdrag, The Lemonheads are some of our favorites. We like pop music, too, though including Carly Rae Jepsen and Kim Petras.

SNAFU is far more polished than your first record. What do you think changed?

We had access to a really, really nice studio!!

How has the response to the record been?

It’s been great!! We love the record and have been really pleased with the response. Spread the word so we can stay on the road! ;D

Is there anything else about you or your music that you think is important for readers to know?

Victoria loves tennis!

Stream (and purchase) Potty Mouth’s SNAFU via Bandcamp below, or check it out on any other music platform.

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